Friday, January 27, 2017

Warmed Wax: TBG, SMT and Glitterati

Glitterati Pink Marshmallow Fireside is a favorite of mine. I don't believe this is a true Marshmallow Fireside fragrance oil but I think I remember Janine mixing her own house blend of it. Either way, it is amazing and sweet. It reminds me of Bath & Body Works original Fireside blended with pink sugared marshmallows. Heavier on the pink marshmallows. It threw medium-strong and is right at one year old. Repurchase if I can swing it onto the custom list next sign up period. 

The Bathing Garden Magic Green Soup is a dupe for Lush's Jungle scent. I love it. Super strong thrower. Green musk and woods with sweet earthy undertones swirl about in this scent. Great in the scrub too! Repurchase.

Sniff My Tarts Pink Sugar/Sweet Lavender Marshmallow Cake/Pink Noel in a frosted sugar cookie shape was amazing. I have done many blends similar to this but this one is my favorite and will be ordered again, exactly like this. I love the soothing sweet Pink Sugar blended with just that touch of calm lavender vanilla creaminess. Not herbal or medicinal at all but just sweet and smooth. Medium-strong throw from a quarter of the cookie. Repurchase.

Today is the big day for CFTKR opening. I will be trying to snag a few favorites. There are a few circus scents from The Bathing Garden I want to get but it might be a little while. Currently, I am enjoying melting and even eyeing a few more candles in my closet to light up. I am really loving burning Bath & Body Works Smoked Vanilla right now. It is almost used up already. 

Are you burning candles right now? What are you melting?


  1. I received a Magic Green Soup sample, but didn't like it. Occasionally, there will be an undertone in TBG's wax that I can't seem to do. I'll have to figure out what it is.

    That SMT sounds perfect! I saw from SoCal that the CFTKR restock went lighting fast, kinda glad I stayed out of the fray. Then again, I will never be able to do a Fri midday unless the library's closed for a holiday:( Hope you got what you wanted, have a nice relaxing weekend.

    1. It is very musky and powdery. And since she does a lot of Lush dupes and Lush things tend to have that musky powdery tone, maybe that is what it is?

      Yes, CFTKR was about 20 minutes today. It tends to be fast. Carol does use cart hold which is great so anything you can put in there is yours until you check out. It is just getting there right when she opens. She alternates openings. The next one will be on a Saturday for people who are off weekends.

      Thank you! I did get what I wanted. It was very successful. I will be melting some great scents this spring and summer. I hope you have a nice weekend too. I am feeling better tonight so hoping I will be back to normal tomorrow.

    2. Sorry for jumping into your comment here, but I know what you're talking about with that undertone, that note, that thing! It's totally a thing! Those lips that you gave me, Jay, which are so, so beautiful and destined to be a featured item in a Valentine's Day wax post of mine, have that smell - it's sort of funky, a bit musky and very, very strong. I think the scent is The Sweetest Thing? Not *quite* my thing, but I've never had a shaped tart like that before and I think it's completely awesome, so no complaints here - thanks again!

    3. It's definitely something and I don't think it's only the Lush dupes, although other than 1 or 2, I'm not a fan of those.

      My friend got a small TBG order, a lot of floral, and could not stand that distinct note. It caused a headache. On the bright side, she gave a lot to me, but a couple are really no bueno.The strange part is that musk is one of my favorite notes, so it must be the particular blend.
      Anyways I'm glad that you're enjoying the lips despite the notes, Sandra!

    4. Oh ok. Jut trying to think of the possibilities. Especially since Sandra mentioned The Sweetest Thing which is a Lush dupe too.

      Thankfully she has a little bit of everything with some fruit and bakery thrown in. Though I am not a huge fan of most of the bakery stuff. :-)

  2. Aargh, I really love the sound of all these pink blends - they seriously sound so delicious. But then I remember that I don't love Pink Sugar as a home fragrance, which is very frustrating. :( Seriously delicious - why can't the marshmallows and firesides be pink without the Pink Sugar smell?

    Melting so many candles right now, to clear a bit of space in wax storage for incoming orders (holy crow, did you see my two decorated sheet cakes on SMT's FB page? They look INCREDIBLE, I am so excited!) But it's been seriously all over the place candle-melting - Party Dress, a BBW scent that smells like that Lolita Lempicka (Limpecka?) fragrance that comes in the blue and gold, apple-shaped bottle, my Voluspa French Bourbon Vanille, the end of my peppermint marshmallow from Christmas. But just because you asked. ;)

    By the way, when and if you do decide to get a few of those Bathing Garden circus scents, I'd love if I could tag along on your order. I've got my eye on some of those shaped tarts (the candy apples?!) and a few of the body products. We can talk details elsewhere later, but I'll defer to your whatever in this area - I've never dodged international shipping regulations before (ha.)

    1. LOL! I totally understand! I am like that with zucchini and tons of other scents most people go gaga over. I don't HATE them but I certainly never crave them or can really enjoy melting them.

      No I didn't see them! I will pop over after typing this and see if I can scout them out. I am dying to see your order. I had no idea about Party Dress. I skipped over that one but I love Lolita Lempicka and drained a whole bottle of that same scent two years ago. Dern. Maybe I can scout it out at an outlet. I am so excited about burning those Voluspa candles you shared!! I keep eyeing their big sale but I want to use what you sent me before I order. I think I will light one tonight on my nightstand.

      I am plotting my circus order! I think I will order at the end of the month or on Feb 15th. Is there one or other you would prefer? Send me a message with what all you would like and don't be shy about it. Get as much or as little as you want. I heard the Winter collection will be up until mid Feb too in case there are other collections you want to order from. The candy apples are super cute. I will warn you that the Vintage Circus one with the candy apple scent is the BBW Winter Candy Apple scent and very musky, powdery, floral. It isn't my favorite but I plan on getting one anyway LOL! We can be rebels together.

    2. No, I don't have a preference for either date, but thank you for asking. I seriously defer to your experience in every way here. :) And thank you for the heads up about Vintage Circus - that alters my order a bit. My mom is actually the Winter Candy Apple fan, but she doesn't care for candles and only likes it in body care, so I couldn't even give it to her once it's served its bloggy purposes. But I have a few other choices, so I will absolutely hit you up on Facebook, thank you!

  3. Smoked vanilla is possibly the most perfect candle to me. Everything I love about home fragrance - The only problem is that I can't get anymore! I haven't been commenting but I am religously reading
    each post. I still would love to see your perfume collection Take care, Ellisa

    1. I totally agree!! I wish I would have bought more than on of them. Now that it is gone I worry a little that they might not bring it back next year. Maybe I can find one at an outlet.

      Thank you for reading Ellisa! I hope you are well and having a good 2017.

      Oh! Yes! I will get on that this weekend! It will be fun for me to chronicle my collection as it does change when I use up bottles and replace them with new things. Thank you for reminding me! I have been looking for ways to incorporate more fragrances into the blog and didn't want to do the seasonal favorites like I did before in case it is too redundant.