Monday, January 9, 2017

Melting Basket 83

Wax from the last basket that I loved: RG Pumpkin Pecan Butterbrickle, Wild Vine Radiant Red Maple, CFTKR Cuban Tobacco (great scent but I wish it was a tad stronger), VCS  Ice Palace Cookies, Satin Suzie Winter Woods, and Long Cane Primitives Creamy Nutmeg.

SMT- Barbershop 1920's
SMT- Dragon's Blood/Enchanted Forest/Frosty Pine
SMT- Enchanted Forest/Pink Sugar/Frosty Pine
TBG- Belladonna Tincture
TBG- Cemetery Keys
TBG- Deadly Gardens
Satin Suzie- Peppermint Noel
Satin Suzie- Berry Bellini
Long Cane Primitives- Peppermint Marshmallow Dreams
CFTKR- Fig & Cassis
NeNe's Kitchen Melts-Arabie <3 gift
Kringle- Kringle <3 gift
Yankee- Amber Moon <3 gift
Torch & Key- Isabelle <3 gift
Torch & Key- Artemis <3 gift
House of Usher- The Black Cat <3 gift
FuturePrimitive- The Gloaming
FuturePrimitive- Rook & Raven

If you would like any of these reviewed when melted, let me know.

I have a couple of big things that I am saving for at the moment. Some travel and a computer for our home. So my billfold can't be all looking like cobweb central.

I will still be buying wax, perfume, candles and what not, but maybe not as frequently and in smaller quantities for a wee bit. 

There will still be plenty of reviews and thingmabobs popping up! Fear not! But don't expect the wax bath that I got to bathe in at the end of 2016. Plus hey. I want to start melting it and enjoying it right?

It can't be all haul all the time. :-)

Are you saving for anything fun this year? 


  1. I think the CFTKR Cuban Tobacco lost some of its oomph due to age (unknown, I received it from a wax group). It's not on her scent list at the moment, maybe it was retired. Carol needs more earthy scents! -Jean

    1. Ah! Yes that might have happened. I still want more of it! She has some of my favorite woody scents out there. But I could use some more patchouli, ambers, sandalwood and incense scents from her for sure! Are you ordering at her next opening?

    2. Most definitely, I have a very short wishlist thankfully, I am staying on a low buy until I finish what I have or go back to work.

    3. Praying your job hunt goes well. <3 And you find something you love. I am hoping I can get a few of her woods scents this opening, but I won't be going hogwild. After all... I need to save for NYC! Let's plan on lunch or something <3

  2. Oooh, good choices for this basket. Could I get a review on SMT Enchanted Forest-Pink Sugar/Frosty Pine, TBG Deadly Gardens, and FuturePrimitive The Gloaming?

    Oooh, those sounds like some exciting things to save up for. I hope it doesn't take too long to reach your saving goals!

    We're saving up to buy some nicer Korean made furniture. We want whatever we buy to last a lifetime, while still being symbolic of this wonderful place we've lived in, so we're expecting to pay a fair amount.

    1. Thanks! I would love to review those for you. I hope they are winners because I am digging them on cold something fierce.

      I hope it doesn't take long either but we shall see. I have made a budget so I am hoping I can sock away what I need to a little at a time. Much easier than trying to do huge chunks.

      How cool!!! My friend did that in Turkey. She custom ordered a bedroom set and dining table and they are wonderful. You will be so happy you did that. Adam and I got a nice real wood bedroom set for our wedding gift from his parents and we will have it the rest of our lives. The money up front might be a lot but it will be well worth it.

    2. And I want to see photos if you guys get something made pretty please!!

  3. Cheers to not being all hauls all the time. Your creative heart will have plenty of interesting bits to share, I'm certain. I hope the tart of Amber Moon performs, but know that the candle gives off about a medium, then again, I find myself inhaling it for the amber aroma often.

    1. Thank you! I go through feast and famine with wax sometimes. So having a slow period will be nice. I am excited about Amber Moon. I can't wait to use unwrap it and smell it cold! Thank you! <3