Sunday, January 22, 2017

In Essence Sheet Masks: Astaxanthin, Snail, Donkey Milk and Strawberry

I am not really sure what specific brand these are other than them being from the Hadariki Corporation and made in Korea. So I am calling them "In Essence" masks. And in case you run across them in your Asian beauty experiences, I figured I would review them. These were gifted to me by Ashely of The Bohemian Sassenach.

Astaxanthin in Essence- Astaxanthin is a red carotinoid pigment that can be found in various plants and animals (salmon, lobster, flamingoes, flowers) and this particular one was derived from red flower petals. It acts as a powerful (and expensive at $325 per pound) antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Also hyaluronic acid, aloe vera leaf extract, ginseng root extract fermented broth among other ingredients can be found in this mask (and most of the rest in this brand).

Snail in Essence- Ahhh... the old snail secretion solution (as listed on the ingredients) along with hyaluronic acid, aloe leaf extract, and ginseng root extract fermented broth. A nice mask that hydrated and smoothed, allowing for excellent makeup application about 20 minutes after taking it off and preparing for my day, as I used this one in the morning. 

Donkey Milk in Essence- Some key ingredients: hyaluronic acid, aloe vera leaf extract, vitamin E,  grapefruit extract fermented broth, allantoin, glycyrrhizic acid (from licorice root which has been shown to reduce subcutaneous fat) hydrogenated lecithin and folic acid. The mask wore well, the serum quantity abundant and the feel was slightly tacky until dried. Not sure where the donkey milk came it. Maybe that was the lecithin?

Strawberry in Essence- The mask features: hyalic acid sodium, (hyaluronic acid), ginseng root extract, and something from the male silkworm (trying desperately not to imagine what I am... imagining).... Translating these ingredients proves to be an adventure and a mystery of the greatest sort. Not sure where the strawberry is coming in. The male silkworm contribution still has me pondering. The strawberry mask felt cooling and soothing. 

- heavily saturated
-masks fit well without altering eye hole placements, nose or mouth cut-outs
-serum full of beneficial ingredients (that I could decipher)
-wide variety of mask types
-no discernible fragrance (though perfume is listed at the very bottom in the least quantity)
-hydrating, smoothing and plumping
-enough essence to reapply the next day or slather all over

-not sure where to purchase these online at the moment
-not sure if the essences always line up with the ingredients

Overall, if I spy these at any of the Asian beauty sites I would buy for sure. I quite enjoyed them. Thank you, Ashley. 


  1. Eh, very hesitant about putting snail secretions on my face.. let alone donkey milk.. :P I thought I would enjoy sheet mask but the last one I tried left my face red and burning. May have just been a reaction to that one brand but I haven't tried them since.

    1. Lol!! I bet! I find these types of Asian masks really soothe and smooth my skin. The only one that burned my face and made is red and bumpy was an American mask... Yes to Coconuts. That scathing review is coming next Sunday. I don't blame you for being hesitant now. I have used at least 30 masks by now and that one was the only one to be bad.