Sunday, January 8, 2017

Bath & Body Works: Juniperberry & Pine candle

Yes, you can see the tree in the background. Bath & Body Works' Juniperberry & Pine burned right after Fresh Balsam the few days before Christmas. The throw was about medium-light in the living room. Not an immediately noticeable scent, it softly cast a diffuse cranberry scent in the air. The name was a bit of a misnomer. Not much pine and definitely not a juniper berry to be whiffed. It was still a really nice cranberry scent. 

The jar on this one feels hefty and possesses a nice ribbed texture and transparent lavender shade. 

I probably would not repurchase this candle, the throw was mediocre and the scent reminded me a lot of a sweeter Cranberry Woods. I think I would prefer just buying Cranberry Woods next time. It was still a pleasant experience, however.


  1. I only put the tree away because it's so small and I needed to prepare the house for catsitting. Otherwise it would still be up.

    The jar is gorgeous! Bummer the wax itself didn't meet expectations. It sounds like I'll stick with CFTKR's renditions of the juniper & pine blends.

    1. But I bet the cat would have loved it!!! LOL! I took ours down the day after Christmas but seeing this photo makes me miss it. We had such a nice day.

      The jar is pretty. I might turn it into a planter. I hope I kept it. Oops. Carol does juniper and pine right. Loving her wood blends so hard right now!