Friday, January 20, 2017

Lush: Boxing Day Online Haul #1

Boy howdy am I behind on my Lush hauls. I showed you my in-store purchase a little while ago, but I also made two online purchases. This one is the first. 

I pretty much had to pick up two small bottles of Lord of Misrule. Still loving this scent. The 3.3 ounce bottles are the smallest size (well, in general) and run $9.95 each, these were BOGO. Smells just as good as always. 

Golden Wonder held two items. An ultra tiny (2 ounce) shower gel in Bubbly and a Golden Wonder bath bomb. 

I can't get over these "new" gift sized shower gels. Boo. Totally boo. And $15.95 for what basically amounts to a sample of a scent and one bath bomb seems like insanity.  Cut the price in half and I feel like I am getting a tiny deal. At $7 or so, I am paying for the bath bomb at full price and getting a generous free sample of shower gel. Ok, enough ranting. Obviously I still bought it. The scent of Golden Wonder (Celebration and Bubbly too) reminds me of a fancy Tang. I don't mind the powdered orange scent too much. But I do love the results of the Golden Wonder bath bomb in the tub. It is a shimmery aqua mermaid delight. And pretty much any shower gel I use as bubble bath, sometimes the occasional shampoo or body wash. 

Sweet Christmas came with three items: Twilight shower gel, Shooting Star bar soap and Snow Fairy lotion for $27.95 each, but BOGO during Boxing Day. 

Thank the heavens the Twilight was a regular small and not a "gift" size. But really. Twilight is the only reason I bought this box. I was hoping to nab some The Night Before Christmas boxes because it came with Sleepy lotion, which is Twilight scented, but they were out. I am not a huge fan of Snow Fairy but I knew I could give them to friends. The bar soap is ok. Really bright and citrusy. I have used one bar and gifted the other. I tend to find Lush bar soap drying. Except Yog Nog and a few others. Why is Lush no longer releasing Twilight as a stand alone shower gel?? They would sell so much of it. Boggles my noggin'.

If I had my druthers I would just buy the shower gels and cream and bath bombs I wanted separately. But sadly, everything goes so fast that I don't ever catch them and have to go the gift box route. But hey. It allows for sharing. And sharing is caring. 

Do you enjoy the Lush gift boxes? Is it just me or are they way overpriced at full retail? And what is up with the gift sized shower gels now?? I have a feeling we will be seeing more of these tinier sizes in the gift boxes in the future. And if you are interested in the Bubbly shower gel there are still some for sale on the website as of last night. 


  1. Oh, Lush. I've got such a love-hate relationship with that place. I really like testing out fun new bath bombs, but with the exception of a couple of Lush Puds and another Unicorn Horn this year, I never buy multiples, and I never buy anything twice because...because it's all so expensive and perishable and all that Kitchen stuff is ridiculous and I don't like fighting with people online for bath products!

    Seriously, WHAT is up with those baby bottles? Then again, when I see people online all "I bought 10 metric tons of Rose Jam and it's still not enough" I also wonder. Can there be a happy medium? And why the Twilight shade? AND WHY DOES EVERYTHING SMELL LIKE TANG?!?

    Okay, gotta calm down now! But really, we need answers here.

    1. The kitchen is kinda crazy. If I like it and it is there when I wake up then I will get it. None of this staying up until the wee hours nonsense for me.

      Right?! The middle bottles are a nice road to go. I did buy some large bottles of LOM and Rose Jam last year but I use them as bubble bath and it goes pretty quick. Still a huge amount though. Total Twilight shade. Lush knows it has me by the ovaries on that one. Folks like that Tang. I see lots of people crush over the orange scent of Celebrate and Golden Wonder. It isn't bad but not my favorite thing to smell like.

      I wish I could give you answers. I need them, myself.

      I washed my hair with Flying Fox the other day (I like it in small doses as a body wash) and boy was that a huge mistake. For three days I kept getting whiffs of burnt rubber. Even after re-washing and re-washing. That stuff clung like a howler monkey to my hair. Woof.

  2. I was thrown for a loop at Lush's "gift sized" things as well. If it's gift sized, then don't frickin charge for them! They were even selling gift sizes of things by themselves! WTF??

    I remember doing the math one year and realized that buying the gift boxes was more expensive than buying the individual items, by a long shot. I understand that sometimes you pay more for nicer packaging, but the cost difference didn't convince me it was worth buying.

    I have a Comforter shower gel and it always smells like Pepto Bismol when I use it. I'm sad about that because I really like the bubble bar.

    Bah... Don't get me riled up about Lush. I love-hate them. Love their products that do work, hate their products that don't and the immense price tags that accompany it. Their Boxing Day sale is normally where I stock up on goodies for the year but something about this year completely prevented me from being able to purchase. Maybe it's a sign to put more effort into trying indie bath and body?

    1. Right?! Why sell a gift sized item separately?!

      Now that you told me that I will try extra hard to buy what I want separately next year (unless it is the bath bomb tin since I know I will use all those). Comforter is a little weird in the shower gel format. I got that in the Hello Gorgeous box and used it in a bubble bath.

      It never hurts to help support small business. :-) Though you do have a couple Snow Fairy scented things headed your way at the end of the month.

  3. I haven't bought any Lush in just over a year. My collection had gotten a bit ridiculous, so I swore to use it all up before buying more. Quite honestly, I've found some other vendors to use for bath bombs (LOVE Adam's Garden of Eden)...although her stated shipping times aren't always accurate.

    But, Lush will always be Lush. We'll keep buying their stuff all the same ;)

    1. That is a good plan! Especially since their stuff is fresh and doesn't last than more than a year usually. I will have to look into Garden of Eden! Bath bombs are fun but at $5-$8 a pop for a bath, it can get a little crazy.

      LOL! Right! They do have their cult favorites. As long as they are making Twilight and Yuzu & Cocoa I am there. Have a nice rest of your weekend, Amber!

  4. I find myself using LUSH less and less. They are so ridiculously overpriced and the sizes of everything seem to shrink eventually. Those itty-bitty bottles of shower gel are a joke.

    The fact that they do not offer Twilight as a single purchase (unless you're able to catch it on a Kitchen sale and pay exorbitant shipping fees) REALLY chaps my hide. Everybody asks for it. And asks for more products in that scent. I'm glad that they finally added the option in the Sleepy lotion, though. I just wished that LUSH actually listened to their customers' requests better.

    1. They are pretty ridiculous in the pricing. I was wondering if it was me just getting pennywise over bath products or just being picky.

      The whole Twilight situation kills me too. It is obviously a well loved product. Not sure why they feel the need to ration it out in tiny bottle or in gift sets only.

      Sleepy is so good. I am trying to sparingly use mine until I can get more Ever Night from The Bathing Garden. Shannon's dupe of Twilight is the best one I have sniffed.

      I agree with you, Dani. Maybe they will. <3