Friday, January 6, 2017

Boscia Charcoal Face Pudding

Pore cleansing rituals are what I am all about at the moment. Mine are large and charge and sometimes showcase the loveliest of breakouts. Anything to tame these wild beasts piques my interest. Boscia Charcoal Pore Pudding touts to do just that, and came in my Sephora SoKo to Tokyo skin care set. Black and white charcoals and kaolin clay deeply cleans, moisturizes and fends off excess oils. 

The pudding feels like a cold thick custard on the fingertips and spreads on the face evenly. It never crusted or crumbled as it dried like some clay masks tend to do. After 20 minutes I washed it off and my skin felt smooth, but slightly itchy and a touch dry, though tight. I slathered on some moisturizer and it made it right as rain.

My jar is 0.84 ounces and holds probably 4 or 5 applications. A 2.8 ounce container is $38.00 on Sephora's website.

It provided a nice face mask experience but I felt it wasn't any more or less effective than the much cheaper Aztec Indian Facial clay mixed with vinegar.


  1. Heh, face pudding...I think I might be a pervert. ;)

    Real talk, though? I had a WICKED allergic reaction to a Glam Glow clay mask I bought last year. I had used it before with zero problems, but then this one time I applied it and less than two minutes later my face started BURNING. I swore I could hear sizzling and everything smelled a bit like bacon! I ran to the bathroom and threw water over my face and I was okay, but my face was super tender and sore to the touch for about the next two days, and I had really visible redness and dryness everywhere.

    Long story short? Be careful with those clay products. They can get very weird on you.

    1. You totally are... and I love it.

      Oh no :-( I used a Glam Glow mini pot ($22?!?!?!?) and it was pretty strong. Glad it didn't bust you up too bad. But you are dead right. Those clay masks can be intense. In fact, the Indian Aztec clay I use is actually called a PULSATING facial. Doh. (insert more perv chatter here) I mix it with unfiltered apple cider vinegar and that beast makes my face throb. It turns a bit red, but then it fades after a while. I have never had any lasting rashes or adverse effects but it is a crazy experience. I can only do it once in a while. I really prefer my sheet masks. Much more calm and less messy but so hydrating. The clays are super drying.

      I concur. Be wary when playing with those clay masks if you have sensitive skin. Luckily mine is like rhino hide (luckily?).

  2. What, no pic of the goo smeared all over your face?? Haha! I love a good mask now and then and have tried a few charcol ones, although not this one. A favorite of mine is a charcol mask sample I got from Sephora called Glam Glow. Thanks for sharing!

    Oh, and reading the comments above, I thought I had very tough/non-sensitive too, until I had two bad mask experiences this year. One was something peppermint from Nügg; they were very helpful and apologetic and sent me some other masks to try for me that worked much better for me. The other was a rose mask from Shea Moisture and they had terrible customer service and I will never buy anything from them again. That mask smelled lovely but burned like hellfire and I wasn't the only one that had that experience. That product had so many bad reviews
    After doing some research I think something in the essential oils were too concentrated and harsh for the face.

    1. LOL! Nope! I did post once with me wearing a sheet mask, it was rubberized and looked so freaky. I think I may have since gone back and deleted the photo. I hate posting photos of my face. It takes a special circumstance or day for me to do so. I still feel weird taking selfies. I think it is my older age.

      I used the charcoal Glam Glow one! It was nice but they are so ridiculously expensive. It was a treat for sure.

      Oh no!! That is not good. I am glad you are ok though. I have a feeling I will run into something eventually that won't agree with me, especially this year as I have big plans for beaucoup sheet masks. I will take note to stay away from the Shea Moisture masks.