Saturday, January 28, 2017

Beautibi Asian Skincare Boutique: First Experience

I placed my first order from Beautibi recently and I could not be more pleased. I had been window shopping on Beautibi for a little while and signed up for their newsletter. On Friday the 13th, they announced a free sampler special that piqued my interest and I found myself placing a small order. 

I scouted the sale section and picked a few masks for my face and even one for my feet. They sent my package quickly and with great care. Everything was wrapped in resealable cello bags, garnished with washi and folded into tissue paper. I got not only my order and the sampler but also another sample bag, confetti and a hand signed thank you note. Brilliant.

Opening a package like this is a joy.

These are the clearance/sale items that came home to me. 

The Hanaka foot peel is needed. Normally, my feet are soft as a baby's bum but right now they are a little rough. These foot mask baggies are supposed to cause a peeling effect that removes layers of dead, calloused skin to reveal smooth skin underneath. $14.00

Have you ever used a foot peel before? They say it is more effective than files or Ped-Eggs as they tend to build calluses in the long run. 

MasKingdom is a brand that one of my favorite sheet mask accounts, woodnotesong, on IG mentioned loving. Here are two varieties I picked up from this brand.

Masque Lift Express Line Smoothing Mask ($6) At 36, with my plump cheeks and tendency to go oily, I don't have a ton of fine lines or wrinkles yet but I strangely still like to use line smoothing masks and skin care. 

Intral Soothing Mask ($4) is for protecting the skin against free radicals. It came with a thin, soft cottony sheet mask and a plastic backing that needed to be removed. It left my face feeling a little tight. Not the most moisturizing mask I have used. I followed it up with moisturizer and it settled nicely.

L'Herboflore is another well loved mask brand. This one is the 2-Step Stylish Milan Anti-Aging Pack ($5) 

Another 2-Step pack but in the My Beauty Diary brand that I know and love. This one is a Primer Serum Firming Mask ($3.25)

So this was the free sample kit that had me ordering lickety split. A four piece Hyggee set, 107 soap, a MasKingdom sheet mask and a sampling from the Simplistic line were all included. I have used the 107 soap and it is amazing. It creates the fluffiest silkiest lather and cleans the face beautifully without reside or tightness. If you would like a review of any of these let me know. 

This was the extra little set of samples that really surprised me.

Mini packets of MasKingdom serum (I assume??), more 107 and Simplistic samples and a couple of creams from LadyKin and a mini thank you card.

If you are curious about any of the brands here and would like more in-depth thoughts, let me know! 

If you think you might want to try Beautibi and get $5 off your order, click here and we can share a $5 off code together. 

Have you found any skin care gems lately?

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