Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Mermaid Treasure: Candice Vostrejs

Candice Vostrejs is a silversmith out of Colorado and runs an Etsy shop that sells my all-time favorite micro stud earrings. I purchased a set of three in the past, one silver, one copper and one brass pair to wear in my ears but with my earring negligence I have misplaced one here or there. 

I recently placed an order for my second pair of tiny silver studs for $13 and they arrived in a cute package with care instructions and a patch of sunshine cloth to polish them with in the future. 

I enjoy the handmade appearance of these studs, rather than the traditional ball earrings. Plus, Candice allows you to choose form two different posts sizes. I always select the shorter length since I sleep in my earrings and my daughters do too. 

These tiny studs are perfect for my second and third holes, but a bit small for my first ones and could probably get lost in there. Candice does offer a variety of other tiny stud shapes. Her geometric designs really appeal to me. 

Do you wear earrings? Do you enjoy studs or stud-muffins? 

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