Sunday, August 13, 2017

Ten Digit Creations: July Order

Naughty Amber at Ten Digit Creations taunted me again with new blends featuring some of my favorite notes. So I had to show her just what she could do with all those blends... send them to me. I bought two 1oz scent shots ($1 each) in the following scents:

Pink Coconut Sandalwood and Marshmallow- I really enjoy this one. More soft pillowy vanilla sandalwood than pink sugar, but just enough of that candied sweetness to leave an impression. Great scent. And I love this greyed out dusky pink color of wax. 

Blue Me Away- Blue Sugar, Blackberry Frankincense and Peppermint.
Another magical blend that literally... are you ready for this????? BLUE ME AWAY!!! Ahahhahahhaha! Mom jokes. Seriously, though, it smells amazing to me. The blue sugar is more subdued and fresh, tempered by the dark blackberry frankincense and the peppermint sends in some arctic chill vibes. Another fast favorite. More poundage of this scent will be obtained. 

Marshmallows by the Fire- A classic Bath & Body Works Marshmallow Fireside dupe that hits really close to home to the original scent. A great mix of fluffy gooey marshmallow vanilla treats toasting by a smoky wood fire. I will get more of this one. 

Falcor- Vanilla Tobacco, Vintage Vanilla and Lord of Misrule.
Being a huge Lush Lord of Misrule fan, adding mounds of creamy vanilla and a pinch of sweet tobacco to a staple like this made my mouth water even more. Dang Amber and her blending genius. So much nose candy. In love.

and four scent shots in...

Fire Witch- Atomic fireball, Gypsy Magic and Witch's Brew.
Knowing I would and do love all three of these, Fire Witch was a no brainer. Another piece of evidence to hammer home that Amber is a fragrance blender that is in tune with the earthy/woodsy/amber and spice lovers. A fiery blend of candy and patchouli, woods and cinnamon. Pure bliss. Another I will require buckets upon buckets of in my home. 

A big bag of dye-free Runts in Wicked Lovely, because it is still that darn good. A large bag of Runts run $8 and have about 8-10 ounces of wax within; you can choose from colored or dye-free.

Two small 3 ounce bags in Wood You? for $2.75. 
Wood You?- Driftwood, beach wood, sandalwood, rosewood and Hundred Acre woods (pine, balsam, cedar with warm spices and fruit). 
Wood I? Why yes, yes I wood. I am thrilled rosewood peeks through the most for my nose, with a summery tint of salty driftwood and beach pines. If you appreciate woodsy scents, this very well might be the best one you could ever lay nose on. I wish I had picked up more as they are sold out. Maybe I can Create Your Own this blend?? Note to self, ask Amber. 

A chunk in Lavender Pumpkin, I forgot how much this was but it was probably only a couple bucks or so. It is an interesting blend of herbal lavender and softly spiced pumpkin puree. I look forward to melting it come fall. 

And my generous free samples included:

Violet Rosewood and Peppermint- All three notes come out beautifully. A calming bedroom scent. 

Falcor's Bride- Orange, lemon and blackberry patchouli blend to make, well, one fruity patchouli! I do love my patch but the fruits throw me off this one a little. I may melt it still to see how it turns out. 

Cherry Tobacco + Gypsy Magic- Oooooo cowboy! This is my kinda blend. I was a'feared of the cherry in the cherry tobacco but it is a true cherry tobacco and not cherries on the stem or candied cherries or black cherries. Just a wonderfully sweet pipe tobacco blend. Add that to some Gypsy Magic (which I love, full of spice and earthy tones) and I am in hog heaven. Probably going to make this in a CYO blend too in the future. 

Honey Gingerbread- A classic spiced and thickly sweet gingerbread aroma. Chewy, thick and definitely drizzled in honey. I always love my honeyed gingerbread scents and it is nice to know TDC makes a strong one.

Amber is on vacation right now but once she comes back I will reorder some of these in bigger amounts. Have you tried Ten Digit Creations recently? If you are a fellow woods/earthy/amber lover, you may just find some new gems to add to your home fragrance collection. 


  1. TDC has some of the very best fall fragrances year after year. Some of my favorites from 2016: Leaves, Fall Festival, Autumn In the Park, Autumn Night. They ALL are fantastic scents that throw like crazy for hours on end.Amber is the Enchantress of Cozy!!

    1. I agreed Kevin! And I really want to try my hand at some CYO blends soon here too. I will write down these faves of yours so I can try them. Do you think any of them would be nice blended together? Ooo! I love your title for Amber. Enchantress of Cozy! Brilliant! I am reading the Enchantress of Florence right now, so also kinda neat coincidence. Hope your school year is starting well.

  2. A TRUE cherry tobacco? Sold and sold, thank you! Gosh, I've been looking for a proper fruity tobacco scent for ages now. :) I haven't placed a TDC order in forever, but I have a 29 scent-strong list all queued up for probably September. They have tons of awesome new scents for bakery nerds like me (um, Apple Waffle Cone Noel? Come. to. me. now.)

    1. YES! At least I think so! It certainly wouldn't hurt to give it a go!! Apple Waffle Cone Noel sounds freaking amazing. I may need to try that one too. I get into bakery during the fall and winter. So cozy.

  3. "So I had to show her just what she could do with all those blends... send them to me." Ha, you taught her a lesson!
    Haven't tried recently, started a list too, but never got around to it before she went on vacay. I think I'll be holding off till later in the fall, saving my pennies for other things at the moment. I'm adding Wood You to the list, hopefully it will make a reappearance. Sounds like an excellent blender, I'm always wishing a wood note was in a scent and that one is chock full. I second the good tobacco scents by Amber, Santa's Pipe was solid. There are so many options available on TDC, it's easier to get recommendations than try to pinpoint what I'd like, similar to CFTKR that way.

    1. I like recommendations too. And if Amber tells me I will like a scent, I know I probably will. Same with Carol. Wood You, would indeed make a nice blender with vanilla and spice and mint and all sorts of yummy things. Great idea. I am a tobacco lover too. The only one I don't care for is a tobacco caramel blend that is out there which is way too sharp for my nose, not nice and sweet and gooey like I wanted. But I will check out Santa's Pipe. Yum.

    2. Definitely with vanilla spice...with mint, I'd try it. And ooh, with apples and leaves, tonka, lavender and bonfires...

    3. YES! Tonka, lavender and fire.... you have my nose buds a twirlin'.