Thursday, August 31, 2017

August: Ebb & Flow

The highs and lows of the month.

Serge Lutens Fille en Aiguilles, it is being retired and I have always yearned for it, so I caved and bought a bottle before it leaves forever.

Perfume Oil:
NAVA Tarrie Cats, all of them, but not at once.

Luna's Locket Sleep Easy

Candles From the Keeping Room Sugared Strawberry Spruce

Cosmic Cleanse ScentSations Infused Miracle Budder in Janine's Pink Cupcakes, guys I am a believer. I have used this on burns, blisters and aches and pains and I am telling you... it works for me and my daughter's raw nose from having a cold and blowing it too much and her hangnails and her achy feet. I am down to my last jar and so happy I have more coming. I never want to run out of this stuff.

Innisfree Green Tea Sleep Pack

Burberry blush in Tangerine

Lip gloss:
Shiro Butterbeer, gets used every day.

Dida Metals (Etsy) stacker rings

Frye Cara Hobo in Smoky

My breath smells of beef jerky and kombucha most days. Sorry kiddos.

The Enchantress of Florence by Salman Rushdie, it is taking me a while due to being overly busy and the depth of the book.

Broadchurch Season 2 (BBC version of course, David Tennant)

Ella Fitzgerald and Louise Armstrong duets

Taking my teacher recertification exams over again. But, must be done.

Pulling down those fall decorations! We have plans Labor Day weekend but I may still fit it in.

Cosmic Cleanse ScentSations Infused Miracle Budder, worth saying again.

Witch's Pouch eye and lip make up remover

Stress and overwhelming feelings, impending surgery, funks, new career adjustments and big life choices to determine.

Getting Scarlette back into gymnastics (she is so HAPPY!), fresh new school year, personal health victories, Savanna thriving in school and leadership roles and impending fall frivolities.

Bittersweet Moment:
My sister moving to Texas, and not just a couple weeks before that hurricane hit and her living an in apartment right on the Gulf. It was heartbreaking to watch her pull out in that U-Haul truck but also elating to know she is forging her own future. I can't wait to fly out and tour around Houston with her. And we always have New York in November to look forward to. 

How was your August? Smooth sailing or choppy waters? Any big news or hidden treasures? Please let me know.


  1. I have to try out this Green Tea sleeping pack you seem to like. My skin has been hating the sudden drop in humidity!

    I may be a bit biased, but Texas is pretty awesome. I hope she comes to love it and you two have fun on your adventures in Houston whenever they happen!

    August was pretty relaxing. Michael left for 3 weeks for training and I had free rein of the house. I spent that time scrubbing off the porches, deep cleaning the house, having girly nights with my friends, and an occasional night (read: many nights) in with junk food and a movie. I look forward to bringing date night back, though. I've missed them.

    I did learn something very important, and I feel it needs to be shared: the wonderfully revitalizing affects of a lemon-based face mask become significantly diminished if you let the serum get into your eye. LOL

    1. I bet!! Now that I am older my skin feels the seasons change in magnification. It is pretty affordable on Amazon but I bet since it is a Korean brand you can find it super cheap! You have all the best skincare goodies around you <3

      Thanks! I think we have settled on me flying out there between Christmas and New Years. I am excited.

      Junk food and movie nights sound like pure bliss. I hope you guys gave some fun date nights planned! Any more pet sitting for you? How are your fuzzy butts?

      Hahahaa!!! OH NO!!! I can only imagine and hope to never find out. My sheet masks are dwindling. I will have to scout out some new ones... but no lemon ones. :-)

  2. Hmm, well Purse is a new category, isn't it?

    August seemed rather neutral, just like I think July was. The same old work stress and a lot of chaos with the barn and all that, but my moods seem more evened out and I'm starting to think magnesium supplements really are little miracle pills.

    Oh and you WILL fit in the fall decorating or The Fall Slut will be all over you with her glaring Mom-stare.


    1. Yeah! Just temporary.

      Happy to hear those supplements are helping. That is wonderful. Hoping September will be marvelous for you, dear friend.

      I WILL! Adam pulled them down from the attic today, so I might even get to it today after Savanna's surgery. We'll see. No mom-stares. I will decorate. Though I STILL need new fall wreaths. Next paycheck maybe.

  3. Liz, OW!

    Julie, OMG, so sorry to hear about your sister! I hope she is safe. Glad to hear the girls are starting off the school year so well.

    1. She is safe. Thank you. She stayed with her boss further inland and is ok. <3

      Thanks! I am so happy they are in Montessori and love school and learning.

  4. As I understand it, Filles en Aiguilles is not being discontinued, it is merely being moved to the Exclusives Collection. This means it will be sold in the bell jar format, not the little flat spray bottle.For you and your bank account, I am sorry. The bell jars hover around $300 apiece. For me, I am happy. I prefer the bell jar format. Although, my bank account will not be happy either. Fortunately, I will hardly notice, as these are purchased only by saving....for a long time..... This is all the result of M. Lutens reselling his company to Shiseido.

    1. Yes you are correct Abby! I should have been more specific. I prefer the 50ml since they are more affordable. I do have one bell jar, which I love, but my intense adoration for most SL scents leaves me very little room or finds for collecting bell jars like I could 50ml. :-( The sale of SL to Shiseido was sure to bring about many changes and honestly, I believe the scents will not only be moved to bell jars but also potentially reformulated which is usually something to be dreaded. They rarely re formulate for the better.

    2. This is all true, but looking at the intended changes, Shiseido seems to want to retain SL's exclusivity. They are retaining the best scents, discontinuing the cheaper options, then moving things around.Nothing about any reformulations, except of course, the usual tweaking that happens anyway. Lutens came from Shiseido, now he is returning there. My two oldest bottles, which came from the shop, have the Shiseido name on the label.Not Serge Lutens. Hopefully, this may actually be one of the few sellouts/sellbacks that turns out okay. What I want to happen is for Feminite du Bois to come out in body products and in the original packaging. Heh. Yes.

    3. That would be great if things continue to only get better! Have you tried the ultra high end scents they debuted a little while back? I kind of want to try them but I am horribly afraid I would want to buy a full bottle.

      I do remember that they originated from them. I came into the just after the switch over. Body products would be swoony. I have often given the eye brow raise to the soap they sometimes offer as a gift with purchase and have a curiosity of how it smells and feels. I do enjoy the lipsticks. Very nice quality. I have yet to get into the complexion offerings though.

      I will still be a fan. I do just wish smaller amounts were offered. With a large perfume collection, I prefer smaller options.

      In the above reply I meant funds not finds... sorry! I was replying on my phone. <3

  5. Can't imagine taking the courageous leap of moving to another state to pursue a career and getting displaced by a hurricane soon after. She'd made of stern stuff to dig in and not turn around and head back.
    August had it's turbulence but at least the jazz/swing sounds of Ella and Louie help soothe the soul. I can't get enough of the crooners and love to see the shoutout:)

    1. She is super strong and independent. I am so proud of her.

      Yes. I am still on a bit of a kick. I listen to it at work on Pandora anytime I can get a chance and while baking/cooking at home. <3