Friday, September 1, 2017

Nocturne Alchemy: Witches & Black Cats and Halloween 2017

Things are getting a little Halloweenie out there and Nocturne Alchemy is releasing their Halloween Collection today so I thought I would feature a couple of Halloween scents that I own from them in celebration. Nocturne Alchemy (NAVA) has an All Hallows' Eve section in their permanent collection and one of these perfumes can be found there, unfortunately, this first one, Witches & Black Cats cannot but it just may return. I bought this from the NAVA group so you may find one on the loose too. 

Witches & Black Cats- Notes: Black juniper, orris root, wormwood, black carnation, vanilla dust, cauldron accord, Moroccan artemisia mugwort, black tea, galbanum and Moonstone vanilla infused ICON oudh.

In the bottle, herbal and astringent. Dabbed onto the skin, tarry orris and dank and bitter plantlings bristle with mischievousness. It prickles and scampers with enthusiasm on the flesh like a troop of goosebumps. After the herbs, botanicals and severed flower heads begin to boil off the potion, sweet dregs of vanilla bean pods lie at the bottom of the cauldron, dark and shriveled exoskeletons of ebony snakes they resemble. Plucked from the pot, they are dropped into a nightcap of steaming black tea. Oudh soaked black vanilla tea. Soothing after a long day of stirring and prepping potions. A mellow mug of magical black tea and a matching hued cat purring in the lap. 

Halloween 2017- Notes: Hallow'd coconut rind, black cardamom pod, custard accord, Bastet's ice cream accord, vanilla bean, Crystalline absolute, Santalum gold, ghost-white rum, a touch of nutmeg and allspice, fresh wormwood picked during the witching hour and winged wormwood oudh. ($20) Currently being sold.

The fumes of black spices and malevolent treats brimming with tricks and spiked with unknown herbs floats to the nose from the amber glass bottle. Marinated on the skin, nutmeg and allspice flare like ruby sparks from the flames dancing under the cauldron's fat iron belly. Sweet coconut and cardamom cakes filled with vanilla bean custard are perhaps laced with rum and wormwood to make one's victims... ahem.... visitors more pliant. Beware the crones in the western woods brewing such deceptively dulcet concoctions. They just might have you for... I mean, to... dinner. 

Halloween 2017 will be worn on Halloween this year for certain. Its spooky sweetness fits the bill for me. I am hoping some Pumpkin Library goodies come out today, I hear they are splendid. I did see some type of bats hint. That looks promising. Do you wear Halloween personal fragrances? When do you decorate for Halloween? I may or may not have some spiders and jack o' lantern garlands hanging in the kitchen.

Happy September 1st! 


  1. I've been wanting to try some of their fragrances, but there are so many!!! I'm having trouble deciding. I just ordered some products from Future Primitive. I really have a fragrance addiction...Lol!!

    1. There really are!!! I started by writing down which ones I wanted most then started at the limiteds since I know they can run out. Ooooo!! What did you get from FuturePrimitive?? I just placed a small order too. I bought Owlette's End hair rinse and Pumpkin whipped body soap.

      Girrrrrrrl... I am right there with you. Total fragrance addict!!