Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Pier 1: Sweet Caramel Pumpkin Candle

We spent Labor Day weekend with my in-laws down in Bonita Springs. Adam's brother and sister-in-law drove down from St. Louis and we all spent time together. Sheryl, my mother-in-law, is very sweet and she had a candle from Pier 1 waiting on my sister-in-law and me. Mine is scented in Sweet Caramel Pumpkin. This 7.8 ounce candle for $10.95 (BOGO 50% off all fall fragrances as of time of writing) burns evenly and smells delicious. 

Sweet Caramel Pumpkin- Notes: Pumpkin, orange and peach mixed with a blend of creamy milk, sweet caramel and rich vanilla, enriched with almond and coconut, them sprinkled with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and tamarind. 

With all the notes given, really it just smells like a very creamy vanilla pumpkin blend. There is a milky coconut quality that reminds me a little of Bath & Body Works Pumpkin Coconut scent. The spice doesn't translate much, mostly a thick rich baked vanilla pumpkin treat. The throw is medium-strong in a large living area. Make sure to keep the wicks trimmed as they can throw out some soot if left a smidge too long.

I am pretty impressed with my very first Pier 1 candle. I love the frosted glass jar and the pine candle topper. The throw and scent are pleasant and I would be happy to burn more. 

Have you tried any Pier 1 candles? 


  1. I have not tried Pier 1 candles but wow, that one is gorgeous even if the performance had been a dud!

    I haven't been into our Pier 1 in forever. I used to get their catalog just to ooh and aah over everything, but have only actually been in the store maybe twice. lol


    1. Thanks! I thought it was cute too. I love the pumpkin shape and frosted glass and pine lid.

      You know, it is funny because I have not either and I always want to go when I see all the cute things they have online or when people show me. We have one in town but it is on the north side and about a 30 minute drive. I just need to get off my duff and go. I bet it smells good in there.

  2. What an adorable candle! Sounds like a school I'd love. *plots trip to Pier 1*

    1. Thanks! I am pleasantly surprised how nice it smells and how great it throws! I need to head in there myself and check some of the goodies out.