Thursday, September 7, 2017

Band of Bloggers: Volume 21, September 2017

Welcome back to the September Band of Bloggers! It's that time of year again. School is starting back up. Trees are starting to turn. North America is recovering from the apocalypse brought on by the eclipse. Wait, what?

The eclipse that visited most of the United States on August 21st has been described as a once in a lifetime experience. The next eclipse to cover the US from coast to coast will not come until 2045.

That brings us to our question this month. What is your once in a lifetime experience?

2045. I was totally unprepared for this eclipse but a wonderful co-worker brought in glasses for all of us to jog outside and take a peek from time to time. My daughters ended up making the pinhole cereal box and had good luck with that, but next time I would like to be more prepared. I will be 65 at that point and it is supposed to go directly over Florida so I will have a prime seat in the twilight of my life if I am still around, you know... sniffing wax and making quilts. Anyway... back to the question! My once in a lifetime experience?

I would like to say getting married. I love my husband and we both work to make sure this first marriage will be our only marriage.

Once I had a bull in a rodeo run at me and knock me flying over the arena fence and I was ushered out in an ambulance. 

I thought going to Tokyo a couple summers ago was going to be a once-in-a-lifetime event but I am already daydreaming of my next trip there. My goal is to take my girls once they are older. You can read about that trip here and here and here and here

Future once-in-a-lifetime experiences I would love to have:
- hot spring baths in Iceland
- strolling about the Scottish moors
- sipping tea at Harrod's
- a sunset hot air balloon ride
- watching my daughters blaze their own trails as they fly the nest

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  1. Aww, I love your experiences! Very similar orientation to mine; marriage, travel, family. After all, those are the most important things.

    1. Yes! Those are some of my most favorite things indeed. I enjoyed reading your BoB this month too. <3

  2. The once in a lifetime events that come to mind first for me are meeting Johnny Depp, meeting U2 (and shaking Bono's hand twice and getting his autograph), and going to Germany/Austria/France/Switzerland.

    How bad were hurt in the bull incident?!


    1. Johnny Depp would be on mine too if I had met him. Yummmmm. I hope to visit those places too one day. I kinda wish you could go back again. We should just go together.

      I cracked my shin bone and had to wear a cast. It is still dented in and numb in the location it happened. It was a crazy experience.

  3. You were knocked over by a bull (holy crow, you look okay-ish in that photo, but that's terrifying) and I was once attacked by a banty rooster. My grandfather was so pissed, he killed him and then put him in a Mom's Margarine container in the freezer labelled "Banty." Never ate him, though, because 1) he was a friggin' tough old rooster and 2) I think my grandfather really liked the scrappy little thing. But he loved me more, so the jerk had to go. How did the bull fare afterwards?! Hopefully he's not in bits in somebody's freezer in a tub labelled "Bull."

    1. Missed the chance to go with holy cow, up there!

    2. Roosters are nothing to play with. Those spurs of theirs are sharp. And yeah... old roosters aren't much good eatin'.

      The bull was just fine. Thankfully it wasn't a bull fight so he didn't have to be put down. I think he was laughing the whole time. You know.. after all those cowboys riding on his back and tying ropes tight around his groin to make him buck and go plumb crazy, I don't blame him for taking a cheap shot at me.

  4. Knocked over a fence by a bull? Totally get your fascination with Hemingway now;) <3<3<3

    1. Yeah... I had a tough streak in me when I was growing up. Motherhood has feathered it out a bit. Maybe.