Monday, September 11, 2017

Bohemienne Life: Tiny Order

After enjoying quite a few of my Bohemienne Life wax medallions, I decided to add two more scents to my stock.

Everything shipped beautifully as usual. 

These wax packs included the new embossing on the wax seal. Aren't they gorgeous?

A friend of mine is a Bohemienne Life fan too and she suggested I try out Saturnus when I inquired what her favorite scent was. So I grabbed that scent as well as Third Eye. These 4 packs of tarts hold about 7 ounces total and run $7.50 each.

Saturnus- Notes: Soft amber, woody myrrh, lavender, sweet musk, rich patchouli and sandalwood with hints of citrus and vetiver.
This scent brims with candied vanilla amber and that sweet musk note. A smooth well blended aroma that smells unique and beautiful. Dewy sticky, honey sweet amber dripping down velvety tree trunks in the late evening sun. 

Third Eye- Notes: A temple blend of Nag Champa, adorned with lavender, clove leaf, sweet musk, woody myrrh, powder, amber and vanilla.
A fresh and floral, earthy yet incense heavy Nag Champa that swirls in a haze of serenity. I love it. Very soothing and calming.

Free soap sample sliver in RubyRedbird that is a stunningly fragrant fruity floral. Juicy sweet grapefruit and blushing peonies join the tropical sultriness of orange blossoms. The moss and musks flesh out the fruits and florals and add a plushness to it.

Free soap sliver in Heart & Crown, and so happy to have another one of these to use as my last one has just about disappeared. Check out that adorable wee heart! <3 Another beautifully scented soap that I love using.

A lollipop and a damn good one too. I am doing the Whole30 food lifestyle and I will say, these lollipops are definitely "worth it" foods for me. I will be saving this one for a rainy day though.

Thoroughly happy with my Bohemienne Life order as usual. I am loving Kyme's new tubs for body butters and scrubs. I might have to spring for some of those soon. Do you have any Bohemienne Life faves in wax or soap or body care?


  1. I'm not familiar enough to have faves but I was just browsing the site and have a couple things in my cart. Now I'm just trying to decide if I really should click that checkout button....


    1. LOL! Well let me tell you... if you decide to get something you better spill the beans. You might like her wax twists... they are a smaller amount of wax but in a super cute shape and packaging. <3 You do need just a couple of fall wax smells from an indie vendor. Just sayin'.

    2. It was the wax twists I had in my cart. lol I was like 'Oooh, what are these little gems?' and they flew into my cart.


  2. Hello! I found your blog a month or so ago, and I love it! Your photos and copy make my hippy heart warm and happy. :) Anywho, I just checked out Bohemienne after seeing your post and picked up a few lovelies. That shop is right up my alley..the scents, her aesthetic...swoon. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Melaney! Welcome! I am so happy to have you here. <3

      Kyme really puts her heart and passion into her work and it shows. Please let me know what you picked up and what you think once it arrives! I saw she restocked her Outlander wax and that stuff is gorgeous both in appearance and scent! See you around!