Thursday, September 28, 2017

Vintage Chic Scents: Small Fall Haul

I must say... I am really starting to enjoy the ordering process from Vintage Chic Scents. For many years there it was a quick-or-dead type of showdown where if your quick draw wasn't up to snuff... well then you didn't get anything to sniff. This last opening Kirby had there were plenty of loaves and bars and bags and boxes left over hours, even a day, after the opening. I kept my order modest with one loaf and one 4-pack of coins in two fall scents that appealed to me based on notes. 

My free sample was a scent shot in Mutter Museum's Oddities (corn bread, yellow cake and butter cookies). This really is pretty nice for a heavy bakery. I was worried it would be too buttery and greasy and all sugar corn pudding insanity that hangs like an ominous pall over the home. The yellow cake must lighten it up. The corn bread is still obvious but it is sweet corn and light and fluffy and a touch sugary. I may blend it out some still to reduce the sheer bakery-ness of it but I am willing to give it whirl!

Cookie Monster in Salem Triple Layer Loaf- Sugar cookies, sugar cookie dough, buttercream frosting, sugar milk and pumpkin cinnamon sugared donuts. ($17.75 for over 14 ounces)

This one is soooooo good.

Vanilla cookies and cupcakes and donuts and cakes piled high with frosting and a warming touch of pumpkin spice. This reminds me of ultimate cookie and ultimate bakery scents without any bready notes. The sugar milk had me almost passing but it only adds a creamy sweetness, no sour. 

I melted a chunk in the kitchen and living area and it threw strong and smelled delicious. A new favorite for sure. And it is pretty cool, you can smell the various scents separately in all the layers. Kinda wished I would have grabbed two of these.

Autumn in Salem- Pumpkin cinnamon sugared donut. ($5.30, each coin is at least an ounce)

I love this scent. It smells just like it states. I warmly spiced cake donut made with pumpkin puree and dusted with cinnamon sugar. I have not melted any of these yet but if the loaf above is anything to judge it by, it should be nice and strong. I have found I am loving Kirby's vanilla bakery and spiced bakery scents. 

I see the next restock will be October 19th and there is a customer creation called Pink Twinkling Lights that I am dying to try (pink sugar, candy cane, VBN and toasted marshmallow).

Did you pick up anything from the last VCS restock? 


  1. Hmm, if the ordering process is getting easier I might have to venture back and keep an eye on things. I used to try to nab things every now and then but there was never anything left. I've enjoyed the VCS I've had in the past.

    These that you got sound yummy. Is the pumpkin note strong enough to really know it's pumpkin? Do they scream fall, or just bakery?

    Pink Twinkling Lights sounds...interesting. Are you going to try for some?


    1. It really was a nice experience. I feel like the pumpkin is nice and strong in Pumpkin Sugared Donuts but that is me. The spice helps is feel like fall for me too.

      I am definitely going to be trying for some! I can let you know when I notice it open.

  2. Pink Twinkling Lights... *swoons* that sounds Ahhh-mazing!!! I think I'll have to be on the look out for that!
    Now reading about that loaf of yours and it's description the first things that came to mind was, "I thought Julie didn't like Sugar Milk." Than you answered my thoughts when I just kept reading. Good to know it's not sour yet just adds a bit of sweetness. I have yet to try one that I like. That's just a risk you have to try with SM I guess but I usually steer clear when I see it.
    I just love her Autumn colors she pours in her wax! Very pretty to look at.

    1. Doesn't it?!?! I want to try for it for sure.

      You are exactly correct. I do not like Sugar Milk at all. I don't even care for Milk Glass and everyone swoons over that scent. So it was a gamble getting this loaf for sure but the pumpkin cinnamon donuts and cookies had me trying anyway and I am glad I did. I can't do cheesecake blends either. Any hint of sour dairy and I am out of there. This one you can't pick up on at all. Well... at least I can't. I will send you a chunk and let me know what you think!

      I like her colors and styling too. Very pretty and simple.