Friday, September 29, 2017

Cellar Door Bath Supply Co.: October Road Candle

My friend Jean sent me some Cellar Door Bath Supply Co. a few years ago and they were quite nice quality. I started following their Facebook page then and quite recently their candle caught my eye. I loved the frosted glass, appealing labels and lovely sounding notes and names. I purchased two candles in one go but I am going to review them separately. First up is October Road. 

October Road- Crisp apple, autumn breeze, leave piles, charred firewood, an evening ride down winding roads while gently falling leave fall over the windshield. (7.5 ounces for $18.00)
These are soy candles and recommended for small to medium sized rooms. I would agree with that. The throw was medium-light in a large room with a cathedral ceilings and stronger in my bedroom and bathroom. October Road's scent description does set the scene perfectly. Crisp airy Macintosh apples stacked in pyramids at the roadside market are chilled in the autumn air. Leaves tumble by and the chill makes you bring your freshly laundered plaid scarf up to cover your pink nose as you step out of your warm car to peruse the fall bounty. Distant woodsmoke hovers, ever present on these fall days, but the ozone of an approaching storm overrides all with a fresh cleansing tang.

This apple centric scent is more clean and brisk in the leaves rather than earthy and makes for a beautiful autumn scent, especially in this hot climate. I am happy with the wick and flame strength and the complete pooling and burn quality. No sooty smoke here. 

Stay tuned for Dead Man's Bones. Have you tried any indie candle vendors as of late? 

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