Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Sixteen92: Anniversary Sale

Sixteen92 hosted their annual sale in late summer to celebrate their anniversary. A bunch of Party themed fragrances were featured, discounts were given based on amount of money spent and they offered a shirt as well for purchase. I did end up picking up a shirt ($19 I believe) and I love it. I also purchased two Mystery Sample sets for $13 each and two perfumes. One is a permanent collection scent and the other was a very limited time offering (only one day). 

From the two Mystery Sample packs I obtained:
The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
Hecate x 2
Merely A Madness
Baker Street
Liber Officiorum Spiritum
Waking in Winter
Apple Bourbon Cider

If you are curious how any of these smell, please let me know below and I will do a mini review for you. There are just so many and they are mostly all limited scents that I wanted to only review the ones that you wanted to know more about. I will say that Apple Bourbon Cider has been completely drained already and was a lovely fall scent of of sweet Macintosh apples, bourbon vanilla and pinch of depth from the cider. It did wear lightly and longevity was short.

Hellebore- Notes: Tuberose absolute, Sambac jasmine, oakmoss, tobacco, chilled earth, cocoa and black musk. 
I sampled this one a while back and fell hard and fast for it. The juice in the bottle reveals a loamy jasmine bouquet, dewy earth clinging to the creamy white petals. Once on the flesh, the heady perfume of boozy white florals intoxicates; tuberose, gardenia and jasmine all bloom in a riot. This is not the headache inducing artificial chemical composition of some white floral perfumes, this is purity, this is a bouquet under a gauze filter, a chain of blossoms encased in the glass dome of an icicle. As it matures on the skin, the blooms fall back to the earth and nestle in the forest bracken under a canopy of boughs in dappled sunlight. The drydown darkens as the sun sets and twilight blankets the ground. The velveteen shadows are hued by the sable tobacco and black musk. I adore this fragrance. The longevity is about 5 hours. 

The Cocktail Party- Notes: Dark chocolate Devil's Food cake with caramelized fig compote and whiskey ganache. 
In the vial this is one seriously sinful dessert. The chocolate is ebony hued and almost bitter in its richness and the boozy ganache slathers it with sybaritic delight. Once on the skin the chocolate opens up and becomes less bitter and more gourmand. The beginnings of warm fig compote stir around the edges and create layers that keep it from smelling linear. The accord of notes almost appears to weave a few threads of coffee and tobacco into the scent tapestry. The far dry down smells of faint oaken whiskey barrels and vanilla. It is a strong and heavy dark scent to warm the senses in the winter. The longevity was about 3 hours. 

Of these two I really enjoy Hellebore, it is a stunningly exotic yet elegant personal scent. The Cocktail Party is nice but a bit too much chocolate for my tastes, though it does not hang around long so it might be good for really chilly days to warm me up. Did you partake of the sale? 

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