Saturday, September 30, 2017

September: Ebb & Flow

The highs and lows of the month.

Solstice Scents Vanilla Pipe Tobacco

Perfume Oil:
Solstice Scents Gibbon's Boarding School

Skin Care:
Tatcha Polish face exfolitaion

Benefit blush in Dandelion

Lip Balm:
Blood Moon Botanica Peppermint Lip Butter

Blood Moon Botanica Coconut Silk Butter, down to my last few slathers... I will miss this.

Alchemic Muse Nevermore

Bar Soap:
Bohemienne Life Heart & Crown (so nice and scrubby!!! Smells amazing.)

Body Oil:
Solstice Scents Tenebrous Mist (pairs really well with Arcana's The Kraken)

Timberwick Vanilla Brulee

Sporting my Arrok pieces with abandon. And drooling over a few more in the process.

Leonard Cohen, I wish I could have seen him live in concert. 

Textbooks on agriculture, ag mechanics and ag education and parliamentary procedure.... not a happy camper.

Harry Potter weekend marathons

Nothing at the moment, just minor stresses and worries.

Some cooler days... October usually starts the below 80's dips from time to time and I am ready, baby.

The Fresh Market's Pumpkin Spice coffee

Hourglass Mechanical Gel Eyeline, the entire full sized thing was dry as a bone and a lead pencil would work better than that thing. Garbage.

Adjusting to the difficulties of Savanna being temporarily encumbered. So not only am I juggling more responsibilities at work but also at home. Plus Irma. Plus other things. Been an insane month.

Weathering Irma. But my favorite thing by far was a recent date night Adam surprised me with by taking us on an amphibious car ride around the lake at Disney Springs followed by dinner at the Boathouse (that lobster roll was insane) and a stroll about the area.

How was your September? Can you even believe it is October already?! What the heck? I will be posting my Fall Fun Series post tomorrow. <3


  1. Well I would say I weathered through a terrible week this week. Lol. But I made it! Everything from car batteries giving out to Dr. Appointments and all. Long story short though I wouldn't say September was all bad because hey, I am still here and alive and breathing right? Gotta look at the positive.
    Products I have really enjoyed this month were Birth of Venus Jelly Facemask from Lush, Magic Wand Satin Lip and Knotty Ultra Matte Lip (Colour Pop).
    I found myself reaching for a lot more fall melts now, bring on the cooler weather!
    Eating Chicken and Bisket Crackers like they are going out of style, Golden Girls Marathon in between Gordon Ramsey anything when I have time (Kitchen Nightmares is eye opening lol and Master Chef is addicting.)
    Did you snag one of those RG fall boxes?

    1. I am sorry things have been topsy turvy as of late. But your silver lining outlook is commendable and I love that about you.

      I will have to check out those Lush goodies. It has been ages since I have made a Lush run.

      Chicken in a Bisket are so wickedly yummy. My mom and I used to share a box while watching TV in the evening. They taste insanely good at the beach too. Kitchen Nightmares is a favorite show of ours as well. I love watching Gordon Ramsey whip them into shape, but yes, the old food, the bad preparations and dirty kitchens are eyebrow raising.

      I did not go for the RG sampler. My luck has been more miss than hit with them lately that I didn't want to risk a bunch of scents that wouldn't be for me. I have a nice healthy fall wax collection and I am still thinking of placing a small CFTKR order the next time Carol opens then I need to be done with collecting fall scents. Unless it is something I can't pass up and can use for next year. Did you get one?

  2. We're making our way through the Harry Potter movies right now, too. Sometimes it takes so long to get through that fifth one (that's Umbridge, right?) that we've just about made it to the start of another year by the time we've watched the final movie. :)

    Your Disney Springs night looked darn adorable; I'm so glad you had a great time to go along with the lovely surroundings. Those water cars are the jam - I love how everyone lines up along the dock to watch you set sail.

    1. Yes!!! It is a huge one... but I guess that makes sense as the 5th book is huge too. I was worried my daughter wouldn't have the stamina to finish it but she did!

      Thanks. It was a treasured bit of quality time that we don't often get to have. It is nice to know we can still have fun and enjoy just being together and walking around and talking. Disney really does the details right. I am forever impressed with the things they do.