Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Melting Basket 105: FALL!!

Wax tarts from the last basket I melted had a few I would love to buy and have in my stash again: Super Tarts Hades (seriously!!! so amazing and lasted THREE DAYS), Ten Digit Creations Wood You? and Cherry Tobacco Gypsy Magic, Candy Panda Meet Me in the Woods.

CFTKR- Cinnamon Apple
CFTKR- Hot Apple Pie
CFTKR- Three Wishes Tea
CFTKR- Baked Apple
Dessa's Homespun Scents- Harvest Festival
Dessa's Homespun Scents- Haunted Hollow
Lasting Scent Candles- Clove Cinnamon
Lasting Scent Candles- Sugar  Berry Clove
Ten Digit Creations- Marshmallows by the Fire
Ten Digit Creations- Fire Witch
Rosegirls- Cold Winter Day
The Bathing Garden- Victorian Midway

This is my first fall basket and I am thrilled to pieces to melt these apples and spice and woodsy scents. If you would like me to review the performance of any of these scents please let me know below. 

Feeling some major fall fuzzies lately and they are pretty much the only thing keeping me moving forward. Sometimes seeking out small magical moments can provide comfort and calm.

The urge to decorate, bake and craft whimsical things has been bubbling up inside.

I have stumbled upon a new obsession too. My friend and reader, Kate, introduced me to Midori travel journals and specifically Foxy Fix and now I have one coming my way that I plan on using for New York.

I dream of sketching scenes, tucking tickets inside and jotting down experiences and itineraries. 

The urge to paint more rocks and sew more quilt blocks grows daily as well.

Perhaps building a few fairy and gnome gardens will be done with the girls this fall too. 

Does fall usher in any creative impulses within you? What crafty things would you like to accomplish or explore?


  1. Think I've missed a basket or two, but I adore Meet Me in the Woods, a different mallow smoked woods type but a winner.
    My sis, niece and I look forward to creating my Mom's porch fairy garden every Spring. Thought the plants chosen this year took over everything and we'll have to clear some ground to be able to view the little pumpkins and things. Are these all TN fairy gardens?
    And if you get the urge to describe RG's Cold Winter Day sometime, lemme know.

    1. Same! It was really strong and performed great for a one ounce tart. I really would love more of that one.

      How fun! I bet it looks beautiful even wild and rambling. These were more snapshots from the cute little waterfall/gem mining place on the side of the road in Tennessee. It was a treasure trove of gnomish hidden gems. I couldn't stop snapping pics of the wee cutie pies.

      I would love to! It is my last one and I was saving it for this nice gateway into fall. <3 You have a small something winging its way towards you.

  2. Ah, the Fall baskets are always so satisfyingly pretty - all those gorgeous harvest colours and shapes were meant to be nestled in a wicker basket. :)

    Very cute gnomeville! I saw a whole display of tiny gnome figurines and houses at Michael's the other day (that's a craft store) - it was like dollhouses, but for gnomes. They had this adorable little wedding set so your gnomes could get hitched with little decorated chairs and an arch. Perhaps that's what these guys are? I had no idea such a thing existed, but darn if it's not completely adorable. I like your tableaus of gnomes in repose, just chillin' in nature.

    1. Thanks! They really do go well with all the fall hues.

      I love gazing at these gnome and fairy gardens but I rarely make any for myself. I almost feel the chance encounter of them is more magical than if I made them myself. But I still want to very badly. I think I will this month. We have a Michael's, I wonder if it is the same one. Love that place. I will see if I can find any there. Thanks!

      It was such a fun experience looking and finding all the cute gnomes and statues that were hidden about the gnome gem mine in Tennessee. I already wish to go back.

  3. I do tend to feel more crafty in the fall, and that's when I tend to throw myself into big ideas that don't really go anywhere. (Looking at you planner, and Project Life, and and and......)


    1. Big ideas are fun and sometimes they turn into big rewards. <3 And you wrote your name in the planner, baby steps. Got my beautiful cards today and they came in perfect condition. Thank you!!

  4. *rubs hands together greedily* It's been a while since I've asked for reviews from you. And what an exciting one to pop back in on! Could you review Dessa's Haunted Hollow, LSC Sugar Berry clove, TDC Marshmallows by the Fire, and RG Cold Winter Day?

    Fall always tickles a part of my mind that wants to create, build, and explore. I've had a serious itch to start bike riding again, so Michael and I have decided that this weekend we will start up again. Even with those plans, I have an itch to ride that just can't be scratched, so I have tentative plans to ride solo tomorrow morning.

    1. Hey hey hey!!! So happy to have you back and making requests!!! I would love to do all those for you. So can I tell you how you saved my bedroom melting game? My warmer finally went poop on me. I now have that aqua tea light warmer on my nightstand an fragranting my bedroom. Thank you!!!

      How exciting! I hope you have some beautiful weather to go biking tomorrow. And enjoy your biking date with your man. I am getting antsy to be more active again too. I missed it the past few weeks.