Sunday, August 6, 2017

Arcana Wildcraft: St. Johns Apothecary Honey Vanilla

St. Johns Apothecary Honey Vanilla by Arcana Wildcraft- Notes: A classic single note apothecary oil with the luscious essence of Madagascar honey vanilla. 

For a single note scent, St. Johns Apothecary smells wonderfully complex and lush. In the amber glass it holds honeyed vanilla indeed, but also a a waxy hint of honeycomb and subtle skin musk. Wet on the skin, the honey projects the meadow softness of sweetgrass and sweet hay. The vanilla in the honey is of the black wrinkled pod, earthy and a bit dark. As Honey Vanilla dries and morphs, some of the beeswax pulls through again, then further down the journey it emits a honeyed tobacco aura. 

St. Johns Apothecary Honey Vanilla smells vintage and sweet, aged honey with bits of comb floating about and vanilla tobacco leaves curled in glass jars in St. Johns Apothecary.

This one would make for a wonderful layering scent too. Thinking it might go well with patchouli or amber. Do you layer scents? What are your favorite combos?


  1. I had this in a soap and it was super strong, especially for a natural. The ground vanilla beans were extra exfoliating also, approaching Filthy Viking level.

    1. A soap in this sounds way too good to be true! What a treasure! I would perish over an Arcana soap in Estella, Holy Terror and The Kraken. Now I am just dreaming. But you do know what I do possess, right?! An Arcana soap in Queen Crossbones. I sniff it all the time. Thank you so much for that one!! Ground vanilla bean pods would be an amazing exfoliant. I am missing Filthy Viking something fierce. I loves that one for my feet so much. Hope you have been well, Jean! xoxo