Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Streetman Candle Company: Boutique de Fleur Candle

Heather Streetman from Streetman Candle Company, or Streetman Company Store, has been making and selling candles and wax products for several years. She is also one mean cook and with her husband, creates some fabulous seasonings and foodie items. But back to this candle business. Heather has been back in the saddle and pouring candles again. She sells her 11 ounce candles for $10 each and offers a few scents at a time via her Facebook business page and her Facebook group page as well I believe. I entered a contest a few weeks ago and won a candle of my choice from three scents. I picked Boutique de Fleur. 

Boutique de Fleur- Notes: A blend of roses, magnolia, gardenia, tuberose, arris blossom with a touch of vanilla and a hint of sugar.

This candle throws like a beast, folks. The wick stood tall and strong and the flame flickered nicely. A pool formed after about an hour or two. I feel like this will be a nice slow burning candle that will last a good long while. The scent of summertime honeysuckle filled the whole living area and kitchen and even crept into my bedroom and the hallway. This is not an abrasive or artificial floral scent but a realistic still-life of a bounty of southern flowers. Creamy, sun drenched gardenias and wild narcotic tuberose stand at the forefront and though I know honeysuckle and jasmine aren't listed as notes, their presence pours forth to my senses. I loved lighting this at the tail end of summer. I will continue to burn it until September 1st hits and then sock it away in my closet until spring. 

I am thrilled Heather is back at the helm, creating and inspiring, using aromatic means to bring happiness and scent into our homes. I will be stalking her Facebook page for more candle scents in the future. 

Do you miss Streetman? Ready to bring some back into your home? What Streetman scent would you love to see in a candle? I miss Strawberry Woods, Summer Lovin', Apple Cinnamon Honey Cake and 30 Below. Oh! And Cotton Candy Spruce Berries.


  1. I tried a few Streetman tarts back in the day and remember enjoying them. That candle sounds lovely and very reasonably priced too! I may have to give them a look.

    1. Yes! Heather made some amazing wax. I loved her sticks and huge bundts and tiny one ounce scent shots. I was surprised at how reasonably priced the candles are too. Blows BBW out of the water. Make sure to join her FB group if you decide to buy. <3