Friday, August 25, 2017

Mermaid Treasure: Luna's Locket, a ring and a candle...

Luna's Locket is a handcrafted silver jewelry and candle shop owned and operated by the talented Crisi Taylor and based out of the UK. My eyes have gazed with adoration at many of Crisi's fabulous rings and jewelry pieces for a while now, but her recent saplings collection sent me in raptures. I ended up purchasing a ring and a candle. 

My treasures arrived swiftly over the pond and came packed and wrapped beautifully. There was even an extra tealight. 

This sapling ring carries a lush and beautifully rutilated prehnite. Doesn't it look like a glassy pond tucked next to a cottage?

The band is comprised of silver twigs cast from actual twigs and swirled in a double layer. I love the gaps that lie between the twigs in places.

A lovely ring that wears comfortably and draws the eye. 

The candle I chose is a copper wood wick scented in Sleep Easy. Sleep Easy is a 100% soy candle filled with lavender essential oil, amethyst and quartz stones and dried lavender buds. I am not sure of the ounces but the burn time is about 80 hours. It looks to be about 6-8 ounces. Since I chose an essential oil blend my candle was a bit more at 22 pounds, versus 20 pounds for some of the other copper candle scents. 

It burns like a charm. The wax pool was easily formed and the flame is strong, no tunneling. The classic soothing scent of fresh blue French lavender airily wafts to me as I lounge in my bed. A perfect nighttime scent. 

I look forward to more purchases from Luna's Locket and I am eyeing her cute cauldron candles. The moon phase ones are adorable. 

Do you enjoy wood wicks or essential oil candles? Do you have a favorite stone?


  1. Lovely items! That candle is so visually appealing; glad to hear it performed well too!

    1. They are so pretty! And a plus... I had to clean off my nightstand to take the photos. LOL! I am looking forward to swiping one of her cauldron candles next. <3

  2. She's a pretty one, the candle too!

    1. Thank you! I really and in a love affair with prehnite stones. The lovely green hues and the rutilations look so cool. And yes! I like being able to repurpose this lovely copper holder once I am done. I think I am going to take it to school and put it on my desk for a pen and pencil holder since it is so nice and tall.