Monday, January 1, 2018

2018 Bucket List

Happy New Year!

I just know 2018 cradles countless moments of kindness and beauty within her hands. I look forward to creating some of those occurrences and savoring the sweet as much as I can, tucking tender things into my heart. My personality really thrives on list making and goal setting. I enjoy having things to strive towards, whether large or seemingly small. For 2018 here are some things I set out to do:

- bake those cinnamon rolls with yeast that I never got to in 2017
- plant a raised bed garden where the girls' play set used to be
- mail a card, just because
- reset as needed on the Whole30 plan (road to better health)
- take the girls cane pole fishing
- take the whole top off my Jeep and joy ride
- visit a new state park
- visit a new national park
- complete an unfinished quilt (yes, I have more than one of them...)
- visit a succulent farm
- obtain a German Christmas pyramid (candle carousel) 
- play with the girls during a summer rain outside
- have one lazy day a month
- get a rabbit's foot fern
- weekend beach getaway with the family
- thrift for vintage Christmas ornaments (bonus points for finding some)
- take the girls to a concert or play
- bake something for Adam once every two months
- help save for a Disney Cruise for 2019
- plant lavender
- make a prime rib dinner
- attend a new festival or fair

What kind of things would be on your bucket list? Are you looking forward to 2018?  


  1. Apparently I am just not a list maker. Well, I make them all the time but then I totally disregard them. So even though you encouraged me and we set a realistically low number to shoot for, I have not come up with my own little Bucket List. It keeps becoming a list of things that need to be done around the house instead of a true Bucket List. Maybe I'll try tweaking it a bit more today and still get it posted to kick off the new year.

    I'm anxious to see if you find your German things! Will that be scattered throughout the year, or more towards next Christmas?


    1. LOL! Making them is the first step right?! Keep you to-do list around the house and post it! Have it be something you strive towards checking off. Or if you want a more traditional bucket list I could help you. You need to put visit a pumpkin patch, take a hayride, complete your Goodreads challenge (you got this!!), new cabinet for your teddy bears, make 12 cards, I could go on and on!!

      I have wanted one of those candle thingies for ages but they are kind of spendy if you get a nice one with lots of detail. I will look for one all year in various places I go. There were some in Tuesday Morning but they were real cheap looking. Kind of boring. I saw ones I loved in Helen, GA in a German store but I didn't spring for it and now I kick myself. We are going to Maine this year for a wedding and then Savannah, GA for vacation so I will keep my eye out there. If you see any online feel free to send me a link!

      Happy New Year my dear friend! I look forward to our continued friendship and chatter! xoxo

    2. Well, dear, I might need you to make my Bucket List then. One of the things on my rough draft list covers the hayride and pumpkin patch in one entry. Splitting it up and being more specific can make my list longer, and make it look like I've done more at the end of the year! LOL


    3. See!!! Yes! Make one into two and now you are extra productive! That is how I work! Sneaky Pete over here.

  2. I have been faithfully reading your blog early every morning - I have been lazy and not taking the time to comment. Have a happy and healthy new year! All my best, Ellisa

    1. Thank you Ellisa! I love that you have been lazy LOL! I hope it has carried over into you holiday season too. Keep those feet up and enjoy yourself. I wish you a year of good health and happiness as well my beautiful friend! Cheers!

  3. #6 on your Bucket List -- so much yes!!! Following behind a red jeep would make it that much better ;) One part of my mental bucket list? Drive down to Bradenton to see my parent's house...and pencil in lunch with a mermaid I've been dying to meet in person! <3

    1. I would love that! We love Bradenton so even meeting you over on Anna Maria for a lunch by the Gulf would be nice. Or you can come over to Lakeland <3 Meet my birds. Hope you have a great year of fun adventures ahead of you!

  4. Excellent yearly bucket list. I particularly approve of the Disney Cruising. :) I've been interested in that myself, but after discovering that I now suffer from some pretty major motion sickness in ways I've never experienced before (on a plane, on a boat, in a car, on a ride...) I'm not sure the cruise life is for me. I'd hate to spend my entire vacation in the bathroom as opposed to, well, just about anything else!

    1. Yes! The Disney Cruise is truly an amazing experience. I am so sorry to hear you are not doing well with motion sickness. Do you have inner ear balance issues?? Adam and I went on a Disney Cruise for our honeymoon and wore the Scopolamine patches and they worked miracles. We had to change them out on day four and we could totally feel the difference before the new one kicked in. But you are right. That is way too huge of a risk to take. Especially with those cruise prices. Ouch.