Monday, January 22, 2018

Sixteen92: Fall and Halloween Scents

Fall and Halloween scents? Really? Yes, yes, I realize I am showing my true slacker colors. But for the sake of these scents reappearing one day or just even in the interest of smelling things I am going to review them. I know I encounter many scents in the indie perfume groups for sale and sometimes it is nice to be able to read a review or two. Here are my two cents... or three scents... from Sixteen92 that I picked up over the various fall releases. I also picked up two scents during Sixteen92's Resurrection but those won't ship out until much later. Most of these run $15 each.

The Bell Witch- Notes: Sweet cider barrels, orchard wood, blonde tobacco leaf, cave and forest moss, glowing pumpkin, dry leaves, turned earth.
The sweet tempting effluvia of golden tobacco and fluttering foliage uncoils from the small vial, it's wreathed in the aged spice of cider with an earthy wisp of joss stick smoke. Pressed into the skin, apple cider swirls warm and fragrant in a carved applewood cup with dusty cinnamon spirals floating on the steaming surface. Desiccated leaves and fertile soil loom, rich and loamy. As it dries down that glorious tobacco emerges and fares beautifully with the dank earth.

Dr. Van Helsing- Notes: Hellfire, black leather, dark chocolate, sweet smoke, cold whiskey, wild musk and a charred wooden stake.
Dr. Van Helsing's fine chocolate and rich whiskey proclivities pour out of the opening when the cap is lifted. I want to throw caution to the wind and drizzle the whole bottle all over myself. Once it pierces the skin that oaken whiskey intoxicates. Almost immediately an edgy dark leather joins the fray and all of a sudden I really want to get to know Dr. Van Helsing. As he settles seductively into the flesh, a creosote laden inky smoke ignites the senses. 

Death By Stereo- Notes: Night air on the boardwalk, spun sugar and cider, melted ice cream, cannabis accord and whirling tendrils of nag champa.
From the vial this scent seduces me with raw nag champa and crushed earthy leaves. There is a briskness that pushes against the nose and nuzzles under the collar like a cool November breeze that gives the nag champa a crisp freshness. Wet on the skin the scent remains very similar to the vial sniff impression. It does open up a touch to smell even more like a brilliant fall evening walking with a beau who happens to burn incense in his apartment and it gently fragrances his sweater. His scent is a vine of comfort that curls into the mists of memory. The freshness gently falls away and hint of that cannibis wafts in, in a very subtle manner. It smells more earthy, like roots and leaves, rather than clouds of marijuana smoke. The musky earthy nag champa does linger with a small touch of sweetness. In the deep dry down the creamy vanilla ice cream laces the nag champa. It is a lovely combination.
I got a sample of this scent in the linen spray and it made for an incredible way to snooze off at night when misted onto my pillow. I wish I had picked up a full sized bottle in the linen spray. 

I look forward to all the linen sprays and hair serums I picked up at the Resurrection release. Did you partake? What Sixteen92 fragrances do you love? 


  1. First, look what's working again! Or working for the time being. So comments ahoy!

    Don't feel too badly about "slacking" - you've had A LOT on your plate, and if something from only three months ago falls through the cracks a bit, hey, it falls through the cracks. I'm just impressed you're going ahead with your posts, although it probably feels good to strike one more item off your TBB list (To Be Blogged.) :)

    None of these scents call to me, although your descriptions, as always, are so lovely and evocative. But Death By Stereo is calling to me by name alone - that's from The Lost Boys, and we know how I feel about The Lost Boys! Paul, the long-haired guy who never wears a shirt, that's how he goes out - death by stereo.

    On a side note, I think stupid useless hot Billy from Stranger Things season 2 looks like a combination of every single one of The Lost Boys, with a dash of Jason Patrick in there for good measure.

    1. LOL! Yay! Small victories! The funny thing about that, is that spammers have no problem commenting... sheesh.

      Thanks. I used to have a good schedule going where I would spend a Saturday or Sunday getting several posts lined up for the week but I am living blog post to blog post as of late. I will get there again one day.

      Death by Stereo might be a good way to go. I need to check out The Lost Boys. It has quite a following. And if the scent is in any way evocative of the show then I will enjoy it tremendously.

      Useless Billy was a character wasn't he? He played the slimy creep with a smolder to a T. He did make me appreciate Steve that much more though. I like Steve.

  2. Oh, those last two sound particularly divine!!

    1. They are! I love the ruggedness of Dr. Van Helsing and Death by Stereo has been a constant wearer for me. The fill level is dwindling ever so quickly. I hope it comes back one day. I have a feeling it won't live out the year.