Monday, January 8, 2018

The Absurd Tales of Mr. Griffs

The Absurd Tales of Mr. Griffs is a cute series of short stories that revolve around a semi-crotchety, mostly quirky, old man and his daily adventures and eccentric behaviors. The authors (a brother and sister team) are based out of Australia and run an excellent bookstagram account. I won this first story and trio of greeting cards in a contest. They arrived and I am more than thrilled with them!

The first short story "Never Assume" offers a great moral in a funny manner. Let's just say that Mr. Griffs and his neighbor Mr. Moran don't exactly see eye to eye and that apparently bush turkeys can cause a ruckus in Australia. It was an entertaining and quick read that was perfect for a couple of bubble bath sessions (plenty of perfumed waters much to Mr. Griffs dismay). 

These short stories would be a great way to fulfill that short story suggestion in our reading challenge, posted here

Do you enjoy reading short stories? Isn't Mr. Griff just the cutest? He reminds me a bit of the old man from the movie Up. He is just as fun too. 


  1. Fun prize! It's been forever since I've read any short stories. I think spooky, creepy types are the only short stories I've read. Those are fine because they're scarier that way, in the less is more type way. :)


    1. I love creepy short stories! Used to devour those big Alfred Hitchcock anthologies when I was a kid.

    2. It was super fun! I like the little notecards that came too. I will have to send you one. oooooo! Spooky stories are more thrilling when much is left to the imagination!

      Kate, I used to watch a few Hitchcock films when I was younger but I had no idea he had short stories. I will have to dig some up. I did love reading Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark short story series and those drawings were super freaky.