Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Warmed Wax: Dessa's and Ten Digit Creations

A few Dessa's Homespun Scents warmed reviews:

Peppermint- Strong throw and a crystal clear sweet candy cane peppermint aroma. Classic. Repurchase.

Fireside Hearth- Medium-light throw and a generally warm Fireside dupe, a touch smoky, not acrid but nothing to really "wow" my nose. Not a repurchase. 

Smoky Mountain Berries- A strong throwing deep berry and evergreen scent. It is beautiful for Christmas and creating a cozy atmosphere, but I will melt this one all year round. Repurchase.

Smoky Mountain Christmas- Similar to Smoky Mountain Berries but more evergreen and bayberry leaning. It is another strong throwing scent. Repurchase. 

Ten Digit Creations

Rosewood and Amber- Strong throw. A beautiful fragrance that whispers of airy rosewood which smells of a sweet, light and more feminine version of mahogany to my nose, and golden resinous amber. It is as plush and fluffy as a cashmere sweater and has a delicate musk wafting about it. Still one of my favorites for a sophisticated home fragrance. Repurchase.

Blackberry Frankincense- Medium-strong throw. A rich and deep blackberry, almost like a stewed fruit rather than a fresh berry, that blends beautifully with a spicy frankincense. I love this one too and made a blend with it for TDC's anniversary opening (to be featured soon!). Repurchase.

Patchouli Mint- A solid medium throw in the larger areas and medium-strong to strong in my bedroom. The rich grounding earthiness of patchouli pairs well with the clean invigorating aroma of peppermint. Unfortunately, I don't think this one can be blended but maybe Amber has a straight up patchouli lurking somewhere that she could use to make more of this...? Repurchase if I could.

Pink Coconut and Sandalwood Marshmallow- Medium-light to light. This is her old formula wax I believe, but so were the others I reviewed here. A pale creamy woods that smells nice but lacked some ooomph. Not a repurchase. 

Sorry I didn't take many melted wax photos. I was just swapping and melting and trying to get dinner and what not done. So here is a gratuitous photo of a Painted Lady butterfly, I believe, that I took as I was walking in the woods behind my house to take some deep breaths.

I am on a low buy right now... I made a total of four wax purchases this month which is a great start for me. Next month I am going to see if I can get it down to three, then two in March. I think by then I will have saved what I want to, as well as melted a good chunk of my wax collection. Three of my orders were small and one was pretty... well... healthy. But we all know how I feel about Carol's wax. 

I did pick up some conditioner and shampoo from FuturePrimitive since I was out. 

My husband and I went to the Pro Bowl on Sunday with his boss and a couple of agents and their significant others. It was way more fun than I expected and I think I am officially cheering for the Vikings now. I took a picture of one of Deb's favorite players for her. We tried to chat during the game but my phone had terrible reception (in the middle of Orlando.. really?!). 

What did you do this weekend? Are you on a low buy or no buy? How is your melting going?


  1. Thielen! Woohoo! The Vikings representatives did great but the NFC still lost. *sigh* It was fun trying to chat, and imagine you sitting in that downpour! And ya know, Adam is welcome to cheer for the Vikings too.... :P

    I shouldn't be buying extra things in general just because we're determined to get The Barn Project debts beat back down to submission, but I'm getting quite itchy to order some wax. I seriously have only 4 or 5 Walmart clamshells in my stash, and that's IT! *twitch*


    1. They sure did! Even though it was more like a flag football game it was still fun to watch those Viking boys take charge. The downpour was horrendous. Thankfully Adam bought everyone ponchos to wear but the rain still managed to wiggle its way inside. Plus those raindrops were the size of ping pong balls.

      Hoping the barn gets paid down for you soon. four or five clamshells?! You are so good. Let me know if you want/need me to send you any wax. I know it is more fun when you can pick your own but I am always here to share.

  2. What a great post!!! I'm new to vendor wax and have never order from either of these companies, so I enjoyed the review. The few vendors I have tried so far I'm in love with The Bathing Garden.

    1. I made it just for you! I hope it helped you make some choices. <3 I love The Bathing Garden too. Shannon is super nice and makes some of the prettiest wax out there. Her Circus Collection is great fun.