Sunday, December 31, 2017

Ebb & Flow: December

The highs and lows of the month.

Serge Lutens Fille en Aiguilles

Perfume Oil:
Arcana Cake Lust

Cosmic Cleanse ScentSations Apparitions in the Garden

Arcana Queen Crossbones

Handmade in Florida Lavender Ice

Bath Bomb:
Ariana Victoria Rose Frost Bite

Bath & Body Works Cinnamon and Clove Buds

Lip Balm:
Blood Moon Botanica Peppermint Lip Balm

Way too much crap.

Not enough water.

The Great British Baking Show

The Nightworld by Jack Blaine

This last college course.

My new bird feeder to arrive so I can fill it up and watch all my cute feathered friends like a creeper from the sliding glass doors. We have two woodpeckers, a handful of titmice, a few cardinals, one robin, one black and white warbler and dozens of finches in the tree. Oh! And two dove. <3

Benefit Boi-ing Brighterning Concealer (great for under eyes)

Caudalie Resveratrol Lift- Eye Lifting Balm (did nothing)

Sickness throughout the home. Hopefully we can all ring in the New Year healthy.

Spending the holidays with my girls and husband. Christmas Day was slow and chill and lovely. 

How was your December? Any highs or lows? Favorite books or shows? 


  1. In December I finished plowing through previous seasons of The Big Bang Theory, and loved every minute of it. I miss it now, even told hubby I was going to start from the beginning and watch them all over again.

    We've also been enjoying a new show called Knightfall, about the Templar Knights.

    The Minnesota Vikings clinched the NFC North division in December and are now playoff bound. Skol!

    On the downside, I've been drinking way too much Mt Dew again, eating way too much candy and junk, and it's been waaaaay to cold around here.

    Here's to 2018!


    1. Round two on Big Bang? Nice!! I need to have round one. :-)

      I read a fun kid's series on Knights Templar. I bet I would like the TV series. Congrats on your Vikings!! SKOL! Poor Adam. His Browns finished 0 and 16. Yikes.

      Can you feel it when you are drinking too much Dew? I can tell I am not feeling the best since I have been eating like crap. Time to reign it back in. My face is showing it too with all my break outs. Ew.

      Happy New Year, Deb!! May it be the Viking's best season yet! And may it bring the finishing of the barn, new endeavors and lots of great shows and books.

    2. We were cheering for the Browns towards the end, "No wins! Don't win!" Not everyone can finish 0-16. Adam should be proud! They can only get better next year, right?!

      When I'm drinking too much Dew I just feel like crap. Of course, I'm not really eating all that great along with it so I guess I can't blame it all on the Dew. We went for a while during the summer and early fall when we were barely drinking any soda at all. I blame the barn project for knocking us off track on that too. *sigh*


    3. Oh man. I bet. You know what. Adam said he is pretty much done with NFL and is ready to cancel cable. It has been that bad. Ah well. I am fine with it. We never watch cable anyway.

      That darn barn!! LOL! It needs to get done. :-)

  2. Huge fan of the Great Britih Baking Show here. I binged all of the seasons right after we got Netflix then rewatched a lot with my husband over the summer. We were excited to start the Great American version in Dec, it premiered and then went MIA the next week in it's time slot. Apparently, although Paul Hollywood is beyond respectable, the jackass cohost, Johnny somebody was being sued for multiple sexual harassment claims from his business and the show was immediately pulled from air. I honestly feel for the winner who is now relegated to "will be announced at a later time"!

    I've picked out the first 3 reads for our challenge, I'm getting excited. Had a lovely, lazy weekend at home and soaked up every minute before it's back to reality tomorrow. Hoping your fam gets healthier heading into the new year.

    1. Isn't it truly great?! I am on season 3 with the girls watching it with me. I told Scarlette this morning she could turn on the TV and watch whatever she wanted and she put it on The Great British Baking Show. I died. Ew. Johnny Knoxville? What an awful person to put as the host of that. he is no Mary Berry.

      Nice!!! I think I will start with the book you gifted me. I cannot wait to read it. Plus I have some short stories in mind too. Glad you had a nice lazy weekend. I get back to work on Wednesday, so one more day. Sadly, not lazy though. Trying to get this last course started. Have a great second half of the school year!

  3. Wishing you well in your last (yay) course. Would it be de rigueur to remind I work at the library year-round so no first or second halves of school for years now. But speech practice and tourneys restart this week, busy with that till early March.
    Great, I hope you like AtLWCS, it has such interesting sequences of events, looking forward to your take on it. I plan to read the Kazuo Ishiguro you gifted soon, sounds thought-provoking.

    1. Thank you! Trying to force myself to get some done early. I apologize! For some reason I must have connected the speech to school and school to library.

      Hoping the last leg of speech goes well then!

    2. That connection makes sense, especially because I mention my speech students a lot (coaching is a purely volunteer asst. supervisor position and because I do it for free, they are never going to pay me), but I'm in a small village library. Ironically, the high school where my husband teaches and where we coach no longer has a school library for any grades. It's a saddening situation that's becoming more common.

    3. No school libraries?!?! What is this madness??? I cannot even imagine. Our traditional public schools have libraries still. The charter schools have book collections that are smaller since there really is not extra building for anything like a true library but we still have many many books for the kids to browse and read at their discretion. I am heartbroken to hear this.

  4. I know this is an old post but I just came across it looking for Arcana Queen Crossbones and was wondering if in the post above you meant that you layered SL Fille en Aiguilles and Arcana Cake Lust? If so, I applaud you! :) I love your blog btw, and I'm another Arcana fangirl.

    1. Hi Mary!!! Always feel free to comment on older posts. <3 These just tend to be the products or things I gravitate towards for the month or things that really tickled my fancy for that time. Layering Fille en Aiguilles with Cake Lust would be entirely epic though!!! Those hazy keen pine needles and cedar with that decadent vanilla cake and tobacco??? Ok. Going to try it tomorrow. LOL!! Thank you so much for you kind words!! It is a labor of love but talking about scent is my passion. I hope the perfume page with links to all my specific reviews is helpful. If you ever have any suggestions please let me know! Arcana is one of my favorite houses. Julia's perfume really works on my skin and for my tastes. There are a few other houses I quiet enjoy too but Julia's creations will always have my heart. And nose.