Saturday, December 16, 2017

Wylde Ivy Perfumes: Part III

Finally getting around to posting about my third installment of Wylde Ivy scents from my initial order. I have since placed an order for a full sized Autumn's Twilight, a soap and some more samples. But let me not get too far ahead, shall we?

It's My Party
Not sure if this is the good girl version or the bad girls version, either way it is certainly a sweet and sexy little thing full of flirty pink vanilla buttercream and candied amber and sugared musk. It does remind me of the Day of the Sugar Skull perfume I bought here from Wylde Ivy but this one is a touch more vivid and sweet, more shimmering and concentrated. Day of the Sugar Skull leans more smoky and dark, like a veil of dulcet musk. Both are lovely but I do think Day of the Sugar Skull suits me more.

Stuck on You- Notes: Sticky melted fruit candy, dried cotton candy, a touch of strawberries and sweet musk.
First spritz reveals strawberry candy crystals sold in glassine pouches at a fairy themed candy stand at a Renaissance festival. Clouds of pink candy floss hover weightless in paper cones perched over the strawberry candies, trailing sparkling curled ribbons like edible kites. A waft of vanilla infused musk threads through the stall from the candle burning softly in the backroom where the magic is happening, the treats are concocted. This is a lovely frilly fragrance sparkling with sugar and sweets and musk. This is for the days you wear pointed ears, glitter on your cheekbones or even just your geeky fandom shirt and a pair jeans and Vans. Skull earrings are a bonus. 

Moonstone & Opal- Notes: Tobacco leaf, Tahitian vanilla, cedarwood, orange blossom, white patchouli, tea rose, black bamboo, crushed amber and ripe pear.
Blossom infused green tea (must be the bamboo and pear?) opens the scent, then a heart of vanilla laced pear skin unfurls  to greet the senses. Here it undulates between sweet fruity tobacco and that pear. It is lovely and faceted with glowing flecks of light much like the opals and moonstones of its namesake. It dries into a pale yet sweet cedarwood dream. 

Lavender Berry
Not sure of the notes and I cannot locate them but it opens with a deep and dark wildberry melange, dotted with sugared lavender buds. As it settles, a gorgeous musky syrup pulls forward that smells like candied vanilla lavender and crunchy amber sugar crystals. I love this scent. Hoping it makes a seasonal return.

Violet Fluff- Notes: Candied violets surrounded by a bed of vanilla infused marshmallow fluff.
Powdery sweet fruit candies wreathed with baby violets and resting atop a hill of sticky vanilla infused marshmallow fluff. The candies smell a touch like those hard strawberry candies with the gooey centers in the shiny wrappers. It is a lovely sweet scent that smells of innocence and childhood.

Night Heat- Notes: Amber musk, myrrh, dried vanilla, night blooming jasmine, aged sandalwood and a kiss of clove bud.
Spicy jasmine crackles and glows on the skin in the top notes. The name of this scent is paired perfectly with how it smells. This sultry and sexy fragrance smells like a hot summer night inflamed with passion. The heart pulls the jasmine towards the woodsy resinous myrrh and the clove falls behind. The base is redolent of toasted vanilla sandalwood. This one is light on the sugar and heavy on warmth and coziness.

Apple Kiss Kiss- Notes: Crisp apple slices, melted marshmallow and crushed vanilla beans, cardamom and musk.
I was not prepared to enjoy this as much as I do. Apple scents tend to be hit or miss for me but I fully adore this one. It surrounds me in the most crisp and sweetly spiced apple cider that I have ever occasioned to sip. It still has that signature sweet musk that lurks beneath many Wylde Ivy scents that keeps it from being too literal and makes it perfect as a perfume. Apple Kiss Kiss is true love from first spray to last tendril. 

Of this collection I most enjoy wearing Apple Kiss Kiss, Night Heat, Lavender Berry and Stuck on You. Apple Kiss Kiss will be seriously considered as a full sized bottle. There is a sale going on until December 18th, where if you buy $75 worth of product, you can get a free full sized perfume of your choice using the code HOLIDAYPERFUME.


  1. I love your description of what Stuck on You smells like to you. :) Or as I call it, a day ending in Y. I have the fashion sense of a 13 year old.

    1. LOL! YES!! I tell you what... Wylde Ivy has really put me out of my comfort zone when it comes to scent and I love it. Yes, I still enjoy my woodsy, spicy, amber and earthy fragrances but I am coming around to those cotton candy confections too. I think I like that these don't smell artificial or overdone. Just lovely and frilly and pretty.