Monday, December 11, 2017

Melting Basket 112: Holly Jolly Scents

Festive wax melts from the previous basket that I would joyfully buy again: Beezy Marshmallow Fireside, LSC Cedar Wreath, CFTKR Sugared Strawberry Spruce and Citrus & Balsam, Tiffany Winter Dreams, Bohemienne Life  Pumpkin Forest, Candy Panda Winter Blanket.

Lasting Scent Candles- Magical Mistletoe
Lasting Scent Candles- Holiday Hearth
Lasting Scent Candles- Cranberry Citrus Balsam
Lasting Scent Candles- Christmas Tea
Candy Panda- Wonderful Christmastime
CFTKR- Spiced Cranberry
CFTKR- Dane of the Sugar Plum Fairy
CFTKR- Balsam and Citrus
CFTKR- Christmas Cabin
CFTKR- Mulled Wine
CFTKR- Plumberry Spice

If you are interested in hearing about any of these scents in depth, please feel free to let me know which ones in the comments or send me a message. 

We spent the day in Epcot Saturday. The World Showcase is a location I never tire of, especially around Christmas time. Germany always offers the most beautiful Christmas ornaments and I like to bring one or two (or three!) back every time we make it there. The first one I fell for immediately was this mushroom hat wearing gnome, troll, handsome mustached forest creature fella. 

The clip-on tall mushroom had to live on our tree...

and Savanna insisted on the feather tailed cardinal (which didn't take much insisting as I love birds too and it reminds me of the cardinals that live in our oak tree in the backyard). 

This Christmas is the year of the mushroom ornament and I love it. 

I neglected to show the bookshelf decoration in the home tour because I was waiting on a decoration order to arrive. It came and now my bookshelf is holiday dressed. I will feature these gnomes this week in more detail. 

The house is now decorated. I have to wrap presents and bake some goodies for the neighbors this week. And a few more gifts to buy. But I am happy and hopeful this holiday season. My first class is done and now I feel much lighter and ready to celebrate.

How are your plans coming along? Anything left to do? Are you excited or stressed? Hoping the former rather than the latter for you.


  1. I recently melted Cranberry Citrus Balsam and Christmas Tea. I think I got them from you, and if that is the case I say "Thank you!" I really enjoyed both! I actually still have one more CCB.

    Well you are on a gnome kick, aren't you! Can't wait to see more about your new shaggy fellows.

    My Christmas is still...feeling out of place. It just feels like I'm going through the motions, observing from the sidelines, like it's not really time for Christmas yet. I don't know, it's weird. I'm not down or crabby in general, but I'm just not feeling any holiday vibes.


    1. EXCELLENT!!! So happy you liked them! I know LSC can be a disappointment for you sometimes. I really love those two scents.

      I AM! Smother me in a pile of gnomes. Can you believe I asked Adam for some garden gnomes for Christmas? I hope he got me one.

      Boo on the holidays for not surrounding you with their colorful lights and sappy cheery music. Hoping a spark of that comes through for you. Are you making your cocoa? Watching some holiday shows? Playing some holiday computer games? Kissing any gnomes? That might help.

    2. I think I'm just having a hard time adjusting to this new adult child, empty nest type of Christmas. Money is tight for all of us. Schedules are different for each of us. Things on their Christmas lists are boring 'things for the apartment' type stuff. It's robbing me of all the joys that Christmas has always been for me.


  2. OH THE GNOMES! Yes, I almost went ahead and purchased a kind of these that I saw on Amazon because they were just too perfect. Little scruffy fellows!
    I am like Deb, something just feels odd this year. Doesn't really feel like Christmas yet.
    Guess it has just been a little bit of everything and just a lot of life events to keep distracted.
    The husband and I may or may not have a big life change heading our way so just keep us in your prayers that God's will shall be done and only good should come from it.
    I believe I am pretty much done with Christmas shopping unless I see something last minute I must add on! It's getting harder and harder to buy for the family but boy do I enjoy spoiling the hubbie!

    1. YES! I like to squeal and shout when I see them too. They are quite the thing lately. I love them too.

      Hoping some Christmas spirit heads your way soon, too. I will say the year passed so quickly for me that I didn't feel I was ready for Christmas when it started arriving. The girls keep me in the spirit in many ways though. They get so excited it is hard to not be consumed by it too.

      Praying for this big life change for you and your husband. I hope it is a clear path and a blessing to you both.

      I still need to grab Adam a present and a few stocking stuffers. And maybe a couple more for the girls too but other than that I am done.

  3. Glad to hear you're barreling full steam ahead into the holidays with a good outlook - only way to get through them, actually. I've gone for the more is more approach myself this year, as in the only way I'm going to catch the Christmas spirit is if I immerse myself in it, so that's what I'm doing.

    Your trip to Epcot sounds wonderful! It's something you do every year? The Germany pavilion is so lovely. I'm a bit partial to Canada myself, but, you know... :) Your daughter's sombrero was so excellent. You can tell her that I'll be checking them out myself when we're there on Boxing Day! Yup, we managed to motivate and organize ourselves well enough that we're going back to Disney for Christmas! And on the 26th we Epcot, with dinner at the Mexico pavilion restaurant (the one inside the restaurant!) I'll be keeping my eye out for those ornaments, too - can't ever have enough beautiful, sparkly glass things for your tree. :)

    1. Thanks! Same to you! It is much more fun when the holly jolly tingles are there. <3

      It was a blast! We don't go every year but I would love to. We have gone about every two or three years. They do the Candlelight Processional which is a beautiful experience. Kurt Russel was narrating that night. Canada is supposed to have one of the best restaurants to eat at but we have not made it there yet. It is supposed to be quite spendy. How exciting!!!! Hoping it is cool and feels Christmassy for you guys. So far it is looking like the 80's as a high over the next week. We ate lunch at the Mexican restaurant inside this last time and it was nice. We loved the Queso Fondido. It is so cool to see the people going down the river ride and all the twinkling lights and candles. Beautiful place. <3

      I agree whole heartedly! Sparkly trees are the best!

  4. Oh, I am ALL OVER that queso. That's the one they bring to your table and stretch all over the place and it looks so obscenely bad for you? Yeah, REALLY looking forward to that one! "What did you have for dinner?" "Wad of cheese."

    I have also heard great things about Canada's restaurant, Le Cellier (The Cellar, en Francais) but the price is, holy wow, so prohibitive. I think the fillet that everyone raves about is $65! Also not the best place to dine when one of you is a vegetarian (Will.) C'est plus chere (It's really expensive, again in French!) I'd love to go during the Food and Wine festival, though, or maybe the Flower and Garden Fest, which also features quite a bit of food. I like the idea of eating my way through the faux Epcot world, one booth at a time!

    We're going to be there straight over Christmas (having Christmas dinner at Be Our Guest, the Beast's castle, in the Magic Kingdom at 9:40 at night, actually!) so I'm hoping to get in lots of the holiday activities. I don't know if the processional will still be going the week of Christmas (they seem to finish up the special parties and events the week before) but I'd love to see it.

    Such a lovely tradition for your family, I bet they really look forward to it and love it. If I lived in Florida, I'd definitely be taking advantage of the parks during the holidays (hey, how 'bout a bit of festive gator wrestling at Gatorland?! I'm not being snarky either - that would be completely awesome!)

    1. YES! It was seriously good stuff.

      $65 for a steak is mind boggling. But Disney isn't the only one to charge those kinda fancy steakhouse prices. The Food and Wine Festival is pretty great I hear. I have many friends who have annual passes and go for all those events. I really do enjoy Disney food. It is good stuff for the most part.

      How cool! You will have the best Christmas ever. I have not been to the Magic Kingdom since they started building Fantasy Land. I do remember when it used to be 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. That was a fun ride. I always love the"outdated" ones. I hate that the parks are not all the same price any longer. It makes it that much harder to take the whole family to the Magic Kingdom vs any other park. Ah well. Such is inflation.

      Gatorland! What a fun, old timey and kitschy Florida theme park. My girls love it, but they also love snakes and reptiles and petting zoos and tiny trains to ride. It is perfect in the summer when they can frolic in the water park area. There are a ton of fun places to take the kiddos around here I will say. Kissimmee also has the Green Meadows Farm which the girls love. And Old Town in Kissimmee is a weekend staple. And Chocolate Kingdom. Loads of hokey fun.

      Have a safe trip down here! Either bundle up, prepare to sweat, or somewhere in between.