Monday, December 18, 2017

Beezy Tarts: December RTS Sale

Wax! Why yes, I do still order wax but I am admittedly on a no-buy/low-buy at the moment which is why the wax hauls have slowed to a trickle. Once I get rolling melting some of my current stash I will happily be partaking of the wax world in a more robust manner a little later. Beezy had an RTS sale just before I was ready to slow my roll and I just have not gotten around to featuring it until now. His tarts are normally around $1.85 but are on sale (still) for $1.25. I was hoping there would be some more Marshmallow Fireside but either I wasn't quick enough or it was sold out prior to the RTS. Either way, I ended up with a handful of smell goods that I am happy to have on hand. 

Blueberry Cobbler- This is a tart and juicy blueberry scent. It smells of lemons and blueberries. Perhaps like those delicious lemon bars with the powdered sugar dusted on top? But add a layer of blueberries before dusting it with sugar and there ya go. Vibrant and mouth puckering good.

Blueberry Meringue Torte- This one is more blueberries in syrup with a touch of vanilla. Equally as delicious but in a very different way. 

I will say that I am normally a huge blueberry snob when it comes to wax. I very rarely enjoy it. These two I will happily melt.

Baked Apples- Ai! This is like Carol's fabulous Baked Apples but magnified times about a 100! Beezy found some gold in this one. If you are a fan of apples and cinnamon, please do try this one. Why do I only have one?!?! Torn between saving this one and melting it as soon as I get home from work. 

Amish Quilt- This one is a repurchase. It is a lovely sweet spice scent that brings to mind Celtic Moonspice. I love Amish Quilt. It has a swirl of vanilla in there that really sets it apart. A classic Beezy scent. 

Country Gift Shop- Along the same lines as Amish Quilt but without the vanilla. More spice and maybe a touch of fruits. I love these cozy home type of scents. They instantly make me feel at home.

Vanilla Custard- Not getting much on cold but it does smell of a wane vanilla cream. Hoping it will bloom once melted. 

Cracklin' Birch- Repurchase. I love this woodsy scent. There is a masculine edge to it but not overtly "cologne" smelling. Fresh and a touch creamy. And look at those birch trees?!

Butterscotch Marshmallows- Thick, sticky caramel butterscotch and marshmallows. Images of sipping frozen Butterbeers in Diagon Alley and getting a whipped cream mustache flicker in my mind. I miss the Wizarding World. 

Cinnamon French Toast- Cinnamon and a whiff of gooey bread. It does smell like actual bread and not anything like a baguette or zucchini bread or anything like that. Heavy on the spice, just like I like it.

Vanilla Frosted Grahams- This for some reason does remind me a touch of creamy zucchini bread. Hm. My sniffer might be off (I am typing this late at night when I am usually sound asleep). But it does have a rich decadence and that nostalgic vanilla bakery vibe going on. 

Beezy! He does have a few items left and if you ever wanted to try him, this would be the time. Reduced prices and ready to ship! How is your wax stash doing? Buying or trying not to?


  1. Mmmm, some yummies in there for sure.

    My wax stash is very small and I'm okay with that. I'm anxious to place some orders, but at the same time am enjoying being a very casual melter for a while.


    1. The blueberries and yummy bakery might be up your alley. Classic scents without a lot of fuss.

      I am glad you are having fun keeping it loosey-goosey with the wax. I was just remembering a vendor I had not visited in a while that I enjoyed... Country Lane Keepsakes. I wonder if she is still open? Hey! Did you get a little package from me yet? The mail has been so slow lately.

  2. Mmm Yum!
    I am trying not to at the moment. Two reasons. One is because I am trying to get through some of what I have and the other is the potential of moving soon and I don't want to get caught in a long TAT and risk not getting it in time.
    Doesn't stop me from WANTING to place a few orders here and there but so far I have been pretty good with not.
    Beezy's will have to be on my to try list soon

    1. Ah! A potential move! How exciting! I will be sending up prayers that it moves smoothly and that you get the place you love most. It will be nice if you do move and you won't have as much wax to take along with you. Glad you are able to resist the Beezy temptation. He will be there for a while I think. He is rather popular.

      Thank you so much for the sweet package that came in the mail! Savanna loves her Pokemon note pad, Scarlette swiped the bath gels and the pouch and I love the wax and teas. You are so very sweet. Merry Christmas Jessica!! xoxo