Sunday, December 17, 2017

Pitch Pine Pottery: Hanging Planter

More pottery? Why yes! Yes, indeed. This is a custom hanging planter I purchased from Pitch Pine Pottery a month or so ago. I got to choose the lip style (fluted), the design and the color glaze. This is a nice sized pot with a nice long rope and a hand forged wrought iron hook. 

It arrived near my birthday and my mom just happened to buy me a beautiful Christmas cactus and it went directly into its new home. 

I am over the moon with how it turned out and the communication during the customization process. 

I would not hesitate to do another custom order with Pitch Pine Pottery. They have been offering wax and oil warmers, tealight votives and incense burners as of late in both bears and owls. 

By the way, all my Christmas cacti are blooming in riotous color right now! I need to start propagating them. Do you garden or tend plants? What are you nurturing right now? 


  1. Love this! The mountain/sky design reminds me of LotR, like covers of some editions of the books I've seen or something? Not sure, but love it. And your plants all look so lively and happy. I can't keep plants alive, and gave up trying long ago.


    1. Thanks! I was super happy when they announced some custom orders were being accepted and I knew I wanted this planter and there wasn't one in their Etsy store. It does remind me of LotR too!! The mountains, the starkness, the night sky and colors. Savanna has a few difference book versions and one looks similar to this. The mountains on the planter were inspired by Iceland.

      Thanks! So far I have had only a couple of casualties this year and I count that as a great thing, because death is usually never far behind my green living things. Not sure what has changed but I seem to be getting the hang of it.