Friday, May 18, 2018

Sixteen92: Spring Collection Order

Claire released an opera themed spring collection for Sixteen92 and though I know nothing about opera, I found a scent that had my heart singing a passionate aria. While I was placing that particular scent in my cart I also decided to try out the Texturizing Sea Salt Hair Mists. 

I chose Mercy Lewis and Black Sugar for my scents. I adore the honeyed almond and floral musk beauty of Mercy Lewis, and Black Sugar has been on my radar for ages. The mists are $9.50 each and contain coconut oil, dead sea salts, aloe vera and mallow root. It is recommended to use either on damp hair for scrunching and styling or on dry hair to add texture and separate the locks. I used Mercy Lewis first on dry hair to refresh my curls after the second day of washing. It didn't dry my (already naturally dry) hair and it worked wonderfully! I used it mainly on the ends where my hair tends to frizz and be overly dry and avoided my scalp which tends to be oily. Ah the joys of thin, damaged, dry curly hair. I didn't notice the scent lingering too much but it was nice and fresh smelling.

E Lucevan Le Stelle- "And the stars were shining" from Tosca by Giacomo Puccini, 1900 
Notes: Dark earth, night gardenia, starlit cobblestone, ambergris, galbanum, tree moss. 6ml for $14

From the vial wafts a foggy blend of diaphanous earth and elegant gardenia. Dampened onto the skin the gardenia unfolds into a sharp white and green blossom. The galbanum adds the greenness and a touch of tuberose lingers in the gardenia. As it settles in, the breath of soil and moss rises up to smooth the sharp edges of the heady white flower. The cobblestones are real and offer their smooth worn coolness to the perfume. What sets the stars in my eyes is the ambergris drydown that adds a touch of salty suede to the stunning bouquet of gardenia and moss. The scent as a whole has a dreamy haze overlaying the whole fragrance, like viewing it through the scratched lens of time. I am very happy with this aroma and will wear it joyfully this summer. 

Free sample:

Mein Herr Marquis- Notes: Violet macarons, silk tulle, pearlescent powder, orris root, heliotrope.
Initially this violet beauty brought to mind Bruised Violet, another Sixteen92 violet fragrance, but this one has more vibrancy than its brooding shadowy sister. Orris root offers its dark leathery hues and heliotrope does its apricot and floral nectar thing, but ultimately this is all about the violet. And she is beaut. 

I believe the first shipments for The Circle will be going out soon and I am stoked to be a part of it this year. What Sixteen92 goodies do you love experiencing?

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