Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Up The Creek Scents: Custom Bag-O-Chunks Order

My sister and I were chatting about which vendors we missed ordering from and Up The Creek was mentioned. Occasionally Shannon announces a custom blending day where she opens a link on her website for a day to allow people to blend either loaves or Bag-O-Chunks. I happened to catch one of these announcements and popped over real quick to whip up two bags. 

Rose Jam/American Cream/Marshmallow Bean Noel because I had to. These bags were $9.00 each. I blended American Cream/Pink/Marshmallow Bean Noel twice before from UTC and fell hard. This time I wanted to change it up just a bit. This smells like a super creamy Rose Jam with just a hint of the powdery musk of American Cream lurking in the back note. I am thrilled with it. If I could add pink sugar on top I totally would.

Welcome Home/Gingerbread Cupcakes/Marshmallow Bean Noel has a very creamy tone too (I swear Marshmallow Bean Noel is so incredible) with a gently spiced bakery vibe. The gingerbread lends its complex nature in the best possible way: ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon and even some cloves and allspice. I melted two chunks and the throw was medium-strong. 

There were two samples in this order but I gave them away. One was a tangerine tart and the other was a cookie scent. Both very nice. This order reminds me of why I love Up The Creek scents. She does magic with her bakery scents. And that Marshmallow Bean Noel is TDF. She currently has 16 ounce bags of tart brittle you can blend up on the site... and you can choose four scents. Hmmmm.... might need to make my pink, rose, cream, mallow blend. Have you done any custom blending lately? Any particular blends you are going gaga over?


  1. Your creations look amazing! I must smell them next time we are over. Sometimes it is fun to try new vendors but it is also nice to just get back to the basics.

    1. Thanks! Hopefully, if they are still around ;-) I will try and make sure to not melt them all too fast. You are right, it was really nice to go back and revisit Up The Creek. I quite enjoy Shannon's wax.

  2. The first (and only) custom blend I've done so far is my recent SMT order. Less than 12 people to go before my shipping invoice!! I can't describe how irrationally excited I am for it. Depending on how good these blends are I may or may not turn into a custom blend fiend!

    I've been in a huge berry/bakery mood lately, but I don't think any particular blend calls to me right now. I'm just exploring all of the scents I can!

    Rose Jam/American Cream/Marshmallow Bean Noel sounds simply divine. Whenever you get around to melting this please do a review! I love your scent descriptions :)

    1. Wow! You must have ordered fast!! I cannot wait to see your order! And I hope you love them all.

      Will do! I have VERY high hopes for it! It is lovely!