Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Melting Basket 58: The Gift Basket

Wax from the last basket I would buy again include: OPT Rosewood & Musk, LSC Passionate, CFTKR Popeye's Olive Oil (Olive Branch), Tokyo Nights, Cedar Sage & Blackberry, and Lemon Fluff.

This basket is made up entirely of gifted wax I have received recently through swaps, destashes and RAOK. They are all such incredibly fun and unique-to-me scents that I decided to enjoy them all in one basket. <3

Sassy Girl Aroma- Berrilicious Cotton Candy Skittles
Sassy Girl Aroma- Death By Cereal (Fruit Loops, Crunch Berries, Fruity Pebbles, Boo Berry and Vanilla Bean Noel)
Sassy Girl Aroma- IHOP (PPW, Maple Syrup, Brown Sugar, Caramel, Coffee)
Sassy Girl Aroma- Zombie Crunch
Sassy Girl Aroma- Blackberry Shaving Cream
Sassy Girl Aroma- Everything But Her Kitchen Sink (Marshmallow, Cookies, Birthday Cake, Twinkies, Vanilla Butter Fudge, Pink Sugar)
Sassy Girl Aroma- Butt Naked Cranberry Cotton Candy
Sassy Girl Aroma- Boo Berry Zucchini
Sassy Girl Aroma- Blonde Moment Cotton Candy Starburst
Super Tarts- Michelangelo (Fried Sugar Donuts, Fruit Loops, Cream Cheese Frosting)
Super Tarts- Dream Girl (Barbie) (Mandarins, Cotton Candy, Mimosas)
Super Tarts- Banner (Cornbread, Mac Apple Ice Cream, Brown Sugar)
Super Tarts- President Snow (peppermint, White Rose, Vanilla Ice Cream)
Vintage Chic Scents- Life Is But A Dream (Lavender, Vanilla, Cotton Candy Frosting)
Vintage Chic Scents- Delphine's Macabre Mansion (Beignets, Powdered Sugar, Cinnamon, Caramel)
L3- Mayor of Halloween Town (Lord of Misrule, Scentsy Luna)
L3- Mr. Sandman (Lavender Biscotti, Lemon Glaze, Whipped Cream)
Southbound Soap Co- Naughty or Nice (Grapefruit, Melons, Rose, Lotus, Lily, Bamboo, and Musk)
Southbound Soap Co- Raspberry Glazed Honeydew
Rosegirls- FKLP, Serendipity, Vanilla Ice Cream
Rosegirls Scoopable Tart Wax- Oh So Jelly For French Toast
Candy Panda- Volcano 
Candy Panda- Yin & Yang (Eucalyptus Spearmint)
The Melting Duck- 80's Hair
Pocket Full of Peonies- Pistachio Fluff/Vanilla Sugar Waffle Cone

If you would like me to review any of these in depth, just list the scents below and I would be happy to do that just for you. I am excited to melt such a motley basket of scents. Scarlette has already fallen in love with Berrilicious Cotton Candy Skittles, and I must admit, it is quite a juicy fruity strong scent! In fact, it prompted me to make my very first Sassy Girl Aroma order on Saturday. It turned out to be a bit of a kerfuffle since it was a new website but my order did go through. I am quite looking forward to it.

February is shaping up to have some exciting times promised. It is a Leap Year which is kind of special I suppose. Plus my oldest will be turning 9 on Valentine's Day. She wants to go to Universal Studios Diagon Alley so that is pretty cool. Plus she requested a vanilla Hedwig cake, which will be fun for me to make. I see lots of vanilla bean pods in my future. And there is nothing I love to do in the kitchen as much as seed vanilla bean pods... the aroma is enchanting.

I restocked on paints and canvases so I can get my brushes wet once again. I have missed painting sorely since I went back to work full time. Sewing too for sure, but painting is purely for fun. Sewing can feel like a chore when it is to mend clothes and such. 

Do you have any hobbies you miss or have rekindled? If you could start a new hobby what would it be? You know mine... knitting. One day. 


  1. Great wax selection; SGA is one of my recent favorites! I adore IHop especially. I'm currently job hunting and hopefully getting ready to move into a new place; so one of my favorite hobbies I will resume is reading in the bathtub! I also hope to start going to the gym again since I will be much closer to it. I really enjoy swimming and yoga.

    1. How exciting Amanda! Praying you land something you will love. And congrats on s new place! As soon as you get there please send me your new address! Swimming and yoga are amazing. I keep wanting to join a gym too but time is killing me. I have so much I want to do but never enough hours in the day. I need to find a way. We always do for the things we want right?

  2. This sounds like it was a wonderful week of scents!

    I hope you find the time to rekindle your passion for painting and sewing! It's funny how doing something for fun can be so relaxing, but the moment it's for work or something equally important it loses that fun factor. :)

    Right now I'm missing pretty much all of the crafting hobbies that I left behind in this move. I was so certain that I wouldn't need my jewelry making supplies, or polymer clay, or nail glitters/foils/stamps/etc., but here I am missing all of these things.

    For a new hobby... hmmm. Making stickers. I love them so much, I don't see why I don't just make them for myself!

    1. It was a fun week! Some I put together and blended so it went faster than I expected. I feel exactly the same way about hobbies which is why I could never sew for money on a large scale.

      How would you make the stickers? Digitally or drawing by hand?