Thursday, February 25, 2016

FuturePrimitive: Valentine's Release

Ever since last year's Valentine's release, I waited with anticipation for Tiggy to restock Jilted & Crushed. It is quite easily my favorite scent in body care. Although, she did send me a sample of something that also pushed all the right olfactory buttons, but more on that later. 

FuturePrimitive's Jilted & Crushed scent description: A keepsake box of loves lost. Chunks of Copal resin, Indian Attar's filled with Oudh, Flakes of Amber resin, Black Tonk Beans and offerings of Dragonsblood, finished with a lick of Vetiver.

As always, my love for FuturePrimitive's Conditioning Hair Rinse remains true. The product did get a new face-lift in the form of a new bottle and label. I quite like the rounded amber plastic bottle over the tall, thin angular bottle of the past. Jilted & Crushed smells slightly different depending on the product, but I love that it provides a unique twist on a favorite scent with each layer added. In the conditioner, the oudh and amber come forth in dark sweetness. Conditioning Hair Rinse runs 9.25 pounds ($13). 

There are two lotion formulas on the site right now, the traditional Body Whip and a lighter Whipped Body Butter. I have not yet tried the Whipped Body Butter, but I do enjoy the Body Whip. I do notice a difference between last year's and this year's consistency. This year it is less waxy and more of a custard texture and very nourishing still. It imparts a nice healthy sheen to the skin without feeling greasy. The body whip brings out creamy sweet tonka notes in the scent Jilted & Crushed. It runs 6.95 pounds ($9.70).

Don't let the light as air feeling of this Three In One concern you. A little bit goes a long way and it feels much more dense that it looks, very much like well whipped stiff egg whites. I only use this for shampoo or shaving, as I enjoy bar soap for body washing. It leaves my hair clean but soft and smelling lovely. I always use it in conjunction with the Conditioning Hair Rinse. The Three In One Whipped Cream Soap costs 6.95 pounds.

I ordered one ml samples of the Jilted & Crushed Aromatic Perfume Oil and White Witch Aromatic Perfume Oil for 2 pounds each. I find that in the oil, Jilted & Crushed gives more of the vetiver grassy smoothness. And White Witch is one I have absolutely come to adore. I forsee more White Witch products coming across to pond to me. It has a calming herbal patchouli flavor that fills me with tender clarity. 

Jilted & Crushed bar soap is on sale right now in the clearance section for 3.57 pounds. Now I can finally use that last sliver I was hoarding for the last year.

Opium Den is one a appreciated from the Vanishing Bath Powders that I purchased during the fall. When I saw it came out in bar soap I grabbed it involuntarily. My instincts took over. It is 4.95 pounds and worth every quid. The incense and nag champa make this a dreamy experience. If you love nag champa you need this. 

My sample was Body Whip in Dark Plum Tea and I am dying. It smells incredible. I keep looking to see if it is offered in other products, but I am not seeing anything yet. The plum is indeed dark and juicy and dripping sweet with richness. There is the faintest hint of spice and evergreen and the tea smells like a slightly floral white tea. Purely decadent and festive. One I will use with joy. 

Have you tried FuturePrimitive yet? What scent favorites do you have? Are you looking forward to any spring releases?


  1. I agree with you on the Hair Rinse packaging - much nicer! Jilted & Crushed sounds like a divine scent!
    Mmmm... Dark Plum Tea also sounds like a winner! Beautiful pictures, as always <3
    I have not tried FP yet! I'm forever stalking their site, though. Once I finish up my Lush hair care products I may pick up some of their items. You make them sound fantastic!

    1. It is very dark and alluring. I could wear it every day.

      Thank you! The Valentine's bouquet Adam bought me came in handy.

      I didn't know that! I would have sent you some samples. If I could only buy from one indie bath and body vendor for the rest of my life it would hands down be FuturePrimitive. She has everything I need and in scents I love and a high quality, attention to detail that I appreciate.