Sunday, February 7, 2016

Wax and Scents on the Horizon

Photo I took at Epcot back in December, at Italy.

February has a lot going on for wax but I think I will only try for a few things. Rosegirls is opening up shop for bags of chunks on Valentine's Day (which I have been hoping for, for ages!). There are two or three scents that I wouldn't mind trying to get. Candles From the Keeping Room is slated to open next weekend tentatively, as hinted at by her morning posts. I would love to try for a few of her news scents: Rose Cake and Pink Strawberry Chiffon. And I have Lasting Scent Candles on the brain. Since their last opening has been shipped out and a new scent list is being worked on, I cannot but hope that they will be opening sometimes this month or next month. 

A few other vendor tidbits in case you are wondering:
- Dessa has officially started her custom scent blending at Dessa's Homespun Scents.
- Sniff My Tarts Dream Boxes are being offered once again.
- Valhalla has a great stock of wax on their site (and I have a nice Valhalla order being posted tomorrow!).
- Smell Goods Wax is offering a Valentine's Sampler.

If you know of any more upcoming restocks or sales, feel free to post below.

I splurged recently on a very nice candle and I cannot wait to get it and burn it for you all. 

As far as fragrance goes, I am still trying to save for this:

Photo Credit: Malle website

The 2015 Frederic Malle Coffret. 

I would also love to sample quite a few items from Aftelier in the coming months. 

What scents are on your horizon? Any fragrances, candles or wax you are looking forward to experiencing?


  1. Wow!! I just priced the Frederic Malle coffret package. $365 is a bit steep for me. However I have little doubt that it's astonishingly beautiful. FYI Aqua di Parma is my all-time favorite unisex scent. Sometimes when I'm wearing it, someone will say, "Aqua di Parma? Nice!".

    1. It is steep but I kicked myself for missing the last one and Malle has been high on my fragrance wish list. So I am saving and saving. I agree with you on Acqua di Parma!! Their scents are so fresh and invigorating and beautifully crafted. I have Amalfi from their Blu Mediterranean line and I hoard it. That is a line I would definitely like to explore more of too. I tried to at Epcot but really didn't want to leave my family stranded while I sniffed it all. Hope you have a great week Kevin!

  2. I'm still on the fence on whether I want to order from CFTKR. The opening will very likely be while I'm asleep and I don't want to stay up just for a chance to possibly get some wax before the site gets overloaded or Carol decides to remove the "Add to Cart" button. I also don't like the 'new application' she added to the site that essentially bans IPs. The whole reasoning behind her not wanting people on the website until she says so on opening day is ridiculous. It's not a customer issue, it's an issue on her end where she isn't paying for a good enough server to handle the traffic she gets.
    I'll very likely put in an order to CLK instead since she now has a lot of the same scent recipes as Carol. Those scents include Fairy Garden, one of my all time favorite CFTKR scents. No frantic rush to order and I can order during a decent time of day for me? Yes please.
    I say all this but I could very well talk myself into a CFTKR order once I look at the scents Carol will be offering and talk to Michael about it. Indecision much? :)

    I'm a day or so away from finally pulling the trigger on a Solstice Scents order. I want to get a 60ml of the Rose Mallow Cream perfume and pick up a few samples of other scents of theirs that I feel like I'd be a fan of. Since Michael and I go out a lot more than we ever have before I find myself wearing perfumes a lot more. I won't feel so bad spending the $$ on perfume now. I just want to go through with Michael and have him help me pick out some of the samples I'll want to try. He's sweet and indulges me these things. <3

    Are you going to try and sign up for the Glitterati customs list on the 20th? I'm really considering it since I figure by the time my name comes up again I will have melted through whatever I buy once my name comes up on the current list.

    VCS also announced their opening for Febraury 19th. I still haven't tried them, but I figure maybe one of these days I'll buy something. I feel like the performance is all over the place from what I read, though, so I'll probably wait for a sale.

    Okay, I think I've written enough of a novel for one comment. I do that a lot. LOL.

    I looked up that Frederic Malle Coffret and oh my, those scents sound divine. I see why you want it so much!

    1. Yes. I am not a fan of all that either with CFTKR. And since a time is not announced I will be surprised if I get an order in because I simply cannot stalk today. We are going to Universal Studios today. I will buy from LSC since I know when to get on. And can make it quick.

      I am over the moon excited to see your Solstice Scents order. I am in fact wearing Conjure today <3

      I don't know. I like Glitterati but I am not sure if I want to do any customs but like you said it will be plenty of time before our names come up. I might. You probably enabled me. Lol!

      I kinda want to try Sweeny Todd from VCS. I normally get either great throw or no throw from her stuff. So it is indeed a mixed bag. :-/

      I die. It would be one of my most insane purchases but I know I would derive much pleasure from it.