Saturday, February 20, 2016

Warmed Wax: SMT, LSC and Valhalla

Sniff My Tarts Rose Jam/Pink Sugar/Marshmallow Noel frosted cookie shape threw strong and beautifully all day long. This was about 1/3 portion. I cut it up into thirds and spread them throughout the house. Rose Jam's sometimes bellicose jammy citrus and rose throw was calmed by the added musk in Pink Sugar and creaminess of the Marshmallow Noel. I would re-blend this and repurchase it in a New York minute.

Lasting Scent Candles Strawberry Pine Cones threw a scented curve-ball. The sweet candy like berry that dominated on cold sniff fell behind the soft hazy wood notes when warmed. The throw was medium-light. A nice idea but not a repurchase, there are so many more that LSC knocks out of the park. 

Valhalla Vanilla Luxe created a calming vanilla heavy atmosphere in the bedroom. The throw was medium to medium-strong and lasted several hours. As it warmed the plethora of notes that compose this vanilla could begin to be detected, sometimes the florals pulled through, then woods would peek out, all of a sudden tobacco would come to mind. A complex vanilla that I would repurchase, and did in fact repurchase.

Valhalla Nag Champa might be the best Nag Champa I have experienced. The scent threw strong but not overbearing and lasted a full day and into two. That is virtually unheard of in my home. I melted it one morning in my bedroom them the next day I could still catch whiffs of it as I walked around, getting ready for work. Soothing, blissful, down-to-earth hippy gorgeousness in a wax tart. Will repurchase. No doubt. 

Valhalla Shieldmaiden melted wonderfully at a medium throw but I found it just a smidge too clean for my tastes. Fresh, clean laundry type scents have to be calibrated just so for my enjoyment as home fragrance, but I did love it in soap form. Not a repurchase, but would be excellent for fresh lovers. 

Valhalla White Witch I found to be in the same category as Shieldmaiden. This one leaned more herbal than detergent but still not one I would reach for often. The throw was a medium as well. 

My melting has resumed after a brief bout of indolence. I was burning that gorgeous Laudano Nero candle though... it hypnotized me. Have you had any stellar melts lately? Any duds? Melting binge or melting drought? 


  1. Melting drought here. There have been days when I haven't melted anything and not even realized. There have been days when I don't remember to melt something until half the day is gone. And I'm finding I'm just not happy with most things I'm melting lately. Ugh.

    As excited as I am about Valhalla wax, I'm afraid their scents might be too 'out there' for me. They are not the cozy and familiar things that I feel safe around. LOL


    1. At least you are giving your nose a rest. Olfactory fatigue is no fun either.

      I understand if some of the Valhalla I gifted is not your style but at least try the lemon one :-) want to know what you think about it. It might be a nice spring scent.

  2. I'm glad your SMT blend did so well! I may have to steal it for the next time I blend some scents! <3
    Valhalla is another vendor on my list of to-try vendors, but I'm forcing myself to wait and spread out my purchases so I don't become too buried in wax. A resolve that has come a little too late, but what can you do? LOL.
    I keep yo-yoing on my melting. I'll go several days melting like crazy, then take a couple days off and forget about melting. For the most part I'm staying consistent in melting, though. I'm excited about going into Yongsan tomorrow and finally picking myself up a tealight warmer or two! I'm going to step my melting game up!

    1. I understand that! I am thinking I may need to take a wax break soon. When my LSC order comes my drawers will be pretty full and I am wanting to save for other things anyway.

      Yay for tea light warmers!!! I had one once but it broke and I never got around to replacing it although I dearly want to.