Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Melting Basket 59

Wax from the last basket I would buy include: SGA Blackberry Shaving Cream and Everything But Her Kitchen Sink, ST Banner, L3 Mayor of Halloween Town, RG FKLP/Serendipity/Vanilla Ice Cream.

Pocket Full Of Peonies- Pink Peppermint blend (I forgot what peppermints I used)
Pocket Full Of Peonies- Avobath
CFTKR- Marshmallow & Butter Brickle
CFTKR- Juniper Berry & Cedar
Olde Primitive Treasures- Marshmallow Fireside
Zeep- Avo All Over (Avobath)
LSC- Cloved Cinnamon
LSC- Strawberry Pine Cones
LSC- Cozy Winter Nights
SMT- Aveda Rosemary Mint
SMT- Rose Jam/Marshmallow Noel/Pink Sugar
Rosegirls- Wonders of the World
Rosegirls- Rosegirls Garden/Raspberry Sauce/Vanilla Bean Noel
Valhalla- Lavender Sage
Valhalla- Nag Champa
Valhalla- White Witch
Valhalla- Shield Maiden
Valhalla- Vanilla Luxe

If there are any scents above that you would like me to review, please list them in the comments and I would be more than happy to do so! 

I am quite pleased that my terrarium has survived a few months now. When I planted it there were a few earthworms in the potting medium that I kept in there for soil enrichment. Impending thoughts of spring and a few sagging plants in there pushed me to replant the dead ones and add new soil. I was shocked to discover all three earthworms were still alive and squirming. I rinsed the stones, added new charcoal and made the soil layer thicker. I replanted the thriving English Ivy and Silver Fern then added in some new grass and moss. My garden gnome and deer look much happier. Don't you think?

Are you into gardening or getting your fingers dirty? I would like to beef up my herb pot outside and finally plant some lavender. What type of planting do you do? What are your favorite house plants? Do you have any spring planting on the brain?


  1. The past couple days I have been thinking about spring and tending our flowerbeds. We have a huge tree that might need to come down this year, so we'll have to dig up the bulbs we tried to plant around it, and move them over into our main flowerbed. Hubby wants to finish the greenhouse this year, after neglecting it the past two years. We're not very good at the whole gardening thing but we do dabble in it here and there.


    1. I love seeing your flower photos. Will Kurth take the tree down or will you guys hire a service? A greenhouse sounds like fun! I imagine all sorts of fruits, vegetables and flowers being grown in there. And mandrakes. Does he have an idea of what he'd like to grow in it? Orchids or something?

    2. We'll hire someone to take care of the tree. It's way too big and too close to the house for inexperienced old folks like us to mess around with. lol

      Not sure what we'll do in the greenhouse. The first year we used it, we grew some veggies right in there, and started others to be moved out to the actual garden. Then we decided to redo the siding and roof, and it's been incomplete since then.


  2. very curious about Valhalla - those scents are definitely ones that I lean towards. NAG CHAMPA!!!!

    1. I would be happy to do a melted review of them for you Carrie! Yessssss!!! Nag Champa is my baby! I have high hopes! The Dragon's Blood blend is great too, Pendragon's Passion. <3

  3. "Why, Liz, you're late to the commenting party, as usual."

    "Who, me? Noooo, I just need some time with my thoughts about this lovely post!"

    All joking aside, I try to make a point to respond to your melting basket posts within a day of you posting so you know what particular melts to pay attention to for reviewing, but I have a habit of composing a response while reading, then never typing out and posting said response. Oops >_<

    Valhalla Vanilla Luxe, LSC Strawberry Pine Cones, and SMT Rose Jam/Marhsmallow Noel/Pink Sugar please!! :D

    That terrarium is awesome! I love the little deer!

    I'm big on planting... in video games. LOL In the real world I never had a good setup or enough time to dedicate to plants. This year is the first year we've bought house plants and I'm trying to ease myself into this so I don't overload myself on plant tending duties.

    I do know that our large outdoor porch will have some lovely flowers once the weather warms up. I see them all the time at the mall in plant stores and want to pick up a few to breathe some life and color into the house!

    1. LOL! You can take as long as you like to comment, I just love it when you do! I find I do that too with blogs. I am usually not in a position to comment but can read in spurts.

      I will be happy to review those. I have high hope for them.

      Thank you! I am becoming quite enamored with these fairy like gardens. But I do need more substantial house plants soon. Will you be planting them in boxes or in pots?

    2. I don't know yet. I'll probably take the time to do some research about the particulars of planting and what would go well for a beginner's garden.

  4. Your terrarium is so cute! I do not have a green thumb, or at least, I used to not have green thumb -- I haven't tried to plant anything in years! Craig takes care of our landscaping, and sometimes he asks my opinion -- I just say to get something pretty and colorful!

    1. I am like you, I love colors and textures in the yard. I am about ready to replace our Japanese Boxwoods with something much more colorful and fun, but what I have no idea. Whatever ends up in our yard better be drought tolerant as we have no irrigation system.