Monday, February 29, 2016

Ebb & Flow: February

The highs and lows of the month.

Malle En Passant

Edward Bess eyeshadows in Intimate and Mystery

Lush Coalface soap

FuturePrimitive Jilted & Crushed

Candles From the Keeping Room Fresh Picked Strawberry


Anna Karenina, until I die. Enjoying it but good grief is it forever long or what?!

Perrier, because more bubbles.

Dried pineapple. Call me Slughorn. 

Cardigans, jeans, and Toms. My official teacher uniform.

Spring Break and our IKEA couches. I am so stinking excited. 

Lovebug season. Those pesky critters are coming out of the ground soon to splatter on the windshields in legion.

Having dreams. Even if they never come to fruition. The current dream: a cabin in North Carolina.

Pumpkin Juice and Frozen Butterbeer. Can't pick just one.

Lush Ultra Balm. I have been using it on my cuticles for weeks and it is not helping a lick.

Depression. Hormone swings. Periods with cramping so intense that pain reliever and heating pads barely keep me from being curled in a fetal position all night and day. Work woes. Tears. Insecurities and doubts. It was a month with some heavy lows but soon I will be out of the trough of the wave and a arise to a crest again. 

A long weekend where I napped, lazed about, wrote, read, drank as much coffee as I wanted and hardly wore a bra or shoes.

How was your February? Highs, lows? Hits or misses? Freezing or spring ready?


  1. Feb. had it's ups and downs for me too, but at least it was a little more evened out. The downs weren't quite as down as they have been in the recent past. They ups weren't extreme, but it made the whole thing a little more consistent and mellow.

    It was a bummer a lot of times scent-wise because I kept disliking things I would normally like. Found some good ones too though.

    I watched more TV and read more in Feb. too. =)


    1. Consistent and mellow is great. I am glad yours was more even keel. I am hoping since mine was kind of awful that March will have more equilibrium.

      Maybe the bright fruity scents will be enticing for you. Some lemon bakery. This in between seasons time is hard to scent. So I have jumped ahead to spring/summer.

      Me too!!! Glad to hear you did that! I know it was on your wish list. To be able to relax and enjoy some programs. <3

  2. I hit a great low and high in February. Depression hit pretty hard, same as you, but finding friends and pushing myself out of my comfort zones has proved to be extremely therapeutic and I would do it all again if given the choice! We're still getting lots of snow and cold weather, but there are a few days here or there where it feels like Spring is peeking its head out. I want it to come already!

    Yay for a lazy weekend! It's so nice to be able to kick back and do whatever you want with no (or minimal) obligations! I'm glad you got to have that <3

    1. I hear ya! We had very similar months. But I know March will be amazing for us. Spring. Nice weather. Outdoors, activities, plans. Smelling good ;-)

      It was so nice to be lazy. This weekend picks back up but Spring Break all bets are off. Gonna have a beach day. PJ day. Maybe cross off a few Bucket List things too.