Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie: April 2016 Collection

These perfumes were provided free by Love Potion Perfumes for an honest review.

The April 2016 Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie collection star struck me with its mystical and nebulous vibe. I feel like everyday is a new adventure when I wear these beautiful creations. From the artistic labels to the incredible juice within, I can see that Mara puts all her passion and creativity into her work.

Age of Aquarius- Notes: Patchouli, amber, vanilla absolute, vanilla bean, cannabis, purple desert sage, camellia, clove bud.
A complex yet grounding aroma. The cucumber aquatic freshness of camellias are braced by the herbal sage and sweet vanilla. Smokey patchouli and rich amber create a soothing foundation that threads throughout the fragrance. Once the scent settles a bit, crackling clove and airy cannabis arise. Oh, I love that clove. Spiced sweet patchouli is carried around on my skin for the duration. This scent is pure magic. I can see myself wearing this around the holidays to bring cheer and year 'round as a mood enhancer.

Time Turner- Notes: Spikenard, labdanum, tonka, coconut.
A dark, woody coconut that starts out with a tap root quality that deepens into an ebony licorice root hint. Raw coconut, fibrous brown shell and sticky dark labdanum are the stars here, make no mistake. Labdanum's noir amber effluvia is sweetened by tonka and coconut. A time turner that transports me to a pirate's life of yore in the old Caribbean: dark, ritualistic and dangerous. 

Aurora- Lavender, marshmallow, buttercream, white amber.
This was one I just knew I would love based on the notes alone. It opens like a delicate vanilla bean petit four filled with buttercream and garnished with crystallized lavender buds. The lavender maintains a mellow clarity that is both sweet and airy. White amber materializes towards the dry down with a powdery soft musk. A lovely, lovely scent.

Tribute- Notes: Oud, frankincense, tobacco, vanilla.
Ooooooooh my sexy beast on a stick. This is the dark, woody, intriguing type of scent that my heart pitter patters over. Slightly smokey deep woods brought to my nose by the oud, resinous frankincense and a whisper of pipe tobacco all brewed and aged in oak barrels. I just cannot stop inhaling the crooks of my arms where this nestles in warmth and gives me the side eye. Yeah, I know you are there sexy beast and I love you.

Mystic Mountain- Notes: Tulip, honeysuckle, water lily, olive blossom, wisteria, green vegetable musk, ozone, hedione.
A mystic, misty mountain that brings The Shire to mind: green rolling hills, bulb flowers dotting the doorways of hobbit holes with splashes of yellow, red and orange and a quietly chattering brook rambling through the meadow. Honeysuckle, lily and wisteria unroll verdant tones and watery hues. Ozone lends the fog that creeps around the shire on silent paws as evening pushes the sun away. The outdoors that can be worn on your flesh like a cloak. 

Morning Star- Notes: Cucumber, basil, spearmint, lemongrass, white patchouli.
Wow. What a rejuvenating fragrance! Like an iced glass of spring water infused with mint leaves, and thin half moons of lemon and cucumber after a sweltering day in the Florida summer heat, this scent quenches. Spearmint  tingles my nose first, while the cucumber and herbs standout on my skin the most. This scent will certainly grace my sun warmed skin this summer.

Electric Heat- Notes: Purple prickly pear, berries, orange blossom honey, pink sugar, sandalwood, bamboo leaf tea, copulins.
Electric Heat brings to mind a late July evening sitting on the porch watching heat lightening flicker in the dark sky while enjoying the company of a friend and a shared summer cocktail. Sunny pear and tender wild berries lend their nectar to the concoction, sweetened with mild orange blossom honey and rock candy crystals. Various flora surrounding the porch let off their night aromas in anticipation of the coming storm. Bamboo tea illustrates the moment the skies open and water pours down to the sleeping dark earth, wet and cooling.

Elara- China musk, teak, paperwhites, tuberose, tea rose, Magnet pheromone. 
White roses. Elara smells like an armful of pristine white roses, without a blemish and full of heady fragrant beauty.  Clean musk and blonde woods support the subtle rose, jasmine and tuberose notes. A truly beautiful scent that would be fitting for a beach wedding. I wish I had had this scent when I got married 12 years ago. I am glad to have it now. It will be worn on the next date night for sure.

New 2016- Notes: Milk extract accord, lavender, vanilla, oakmoss.
I must admit I was very hesitant about enjoying this when I read the description and I saw "baby." I tend to be very leery of newborn/baby scents. For some reason I just can't get on with them. Maybe I inhaled too much Johnson & Johnson when my girls were wee babes. Thankfully this did not remind me of bathing fiascos or a million and one diaper changes. It reminded me of a much better version of a well known Lavender Vanilla. New 2016, to my nose, is a creamy, slightly powdery, lavender vanilla musk. A perfect bedtime scent to slather on after my own nightly bathing ritual. 

Rose Dust- Notes: Roses, champagne, sandalwood, myrrh, oakmoss, vanilla, musk, sugar, woodsmoke, Popularity potion. 
Rose Dust is a knockout! Sugar encrusted burgundy rose petals lifted by golden aldehydic champagne bubbles. Glace' seduction. The midnight rose and champagne celebration is deepened with myrrh, musk and the ebony wisp of woodsmoke that adds voluptuous curves. Sultry. I love it.

Lariel- Notes: Orange blossom, ylang ylang, caramel, vanilla, green coconut water, teak, smoked sugar cane.
Bright and delicious, this fruity floral features caramelized oranges and tropical blossoms. The gourmand blood orange and caramel opening reveals orange blossoms and coconuts underneath. The teak and sugar cane smooth out the finish. Brilliant fragrance. 

Sample daubers can be purchased for $5.00 (1.5 ml), one ounce sprays are $39.95, and 1/3 ounce concentrated perfume oils are $24.95. This collection is still being offered on the site, as well as a newer June collection that features many seaside themed scents, including a mermaid. To keep abreast of releases and join in on Love Potion chatter, join their Facebook group

Which of these stellar scents calls out for you to wear? Some of my favorites in this collection include: Tribute, Age of Aquarius, Aurora, Rose Dust, Elara and Lariel. I very much enjoyed them all though and will be wearing them this summer to bring beauty to my days. 


  1. Her labels are so pretty! Your scent descriptions always slay me... sexy beast. Lol I think tribute would also be a favorite of mine.

    1. I agree! I love the labels and the full sized bottles have the same great artwork. They would look incredible on a nightstand or dresser.

      LOL! Well, you know when I love something I have to romance it with words. I think you would like Tribute too, we love our woods and tobacco. I will let you wear it next time you come over.

    2. Yes! Thank you. I can't wait to smell like a sexy beast 💚

  2. It is cool to see you reviewing this company, I received a sample from a swapper many moons ago when I was following an indie forum on LiveJournal. I still have it at home, I will get it out again!

    1. Oh fun! I know you have turned me on to many wonderful indies and really made me reconsider perfume oils. Now I have so many that I love to wear. If you find your sample let me know which one it was. I will definitely be ordering a couple of some of my favorites in larger quantities. I see LP also has wax tarts, which you know I will have to try :-)

    2. It is Siren's Serenade, I get a candied version of a cherry almond now, I am not sure if it has aged. It is from 2009. :)

    3. Oh yum! I love that description and the fact that long time fans could create their own collection! I think collabs are fun too. Enjoy wearing that one. <3