Friday, June 24, 2016

Haus of Gloi: Summer Release with Refreshers and Pumpkin Butters

For the past couple of summers I have neglected trying a wildly popular Haus of Gloi scent, Beguiled. When the latest HoG newsletter swooped into my email inbox and I saw Beguiled, Marshmallow Rose and a peppermint and a lavender Refresher, I knew it was time to rectify that oversight and splurge on a few of those others.

I have never used the Refreshers before, but the idea of them really appealed to me for this summer. They were reformulated for this release, but as this is my first time using them I have no idea how they compare to the past formula. They come in 4 ounce bottles.

Chillax- Notes: A blend of two vanillas, amber and Bulgarian lavender.
Mmmmmm.... yes, baby. Olde time apothecary lavender buds ground and mixed with vanilla bean pods and powdery sweet amber. The amber really deepens and highlights the duskiness of the lavender. The spray itself is a delightful milky hue that does need to be shaken before enjoyed. Applied liberally, it leaves my skin cool and soft, like a lightly mentholated sheen. The chill wears off in about 10-15 minutes but leaves the aroma behind for about and hour, when a light lingering sweetness remains. I will be buying more and using all summer for sure. They are $8.00 each and now they are out in the General Catalog fragrances... Moon Dog and a few more were just ordered. I am a bad, bad girl. Chillax and a few of the Summer scents are still on offer too.

Peppermint Wood- Notes: Local peppermint, crushed clary sage, and cedarwood.
I have watched Adam open and sniff this one twice when he didn't realize I was looking. I think he likes it. What starts out as a Peppermint Patty quickly looses the creaminess and develops an airy herbal mint tone with help from the sage, yet manages to retain some sugar. Cedarwood contributes an austere headspace. Regretting not getting two bottles of this beauty. Wow. Sadly it is sold out.

Ahhhh, my beloved pumpkin butter body creams. I always keep one of these bad boys on my nightstand for post-nocturnal ablutions. Currently I have Satyr near my bedside and am quite loving the deep orange resinous scent.  I chose the mini sizes  (2 oz) for Beguiled and Marshmallow Rose, $5.00 each.

Beguiled- Notes: Lemon cake made with the tang of fresh buttermilk and raspberry coulis, with cardamom and pink peppercorns.
Tart lemon curd and gooey cake drizzled with raspberry sauce. The cardamom and pink peppercorn add pizazz to this decadent gourmand treat. I will love using this in the fall and winter to slather on my skin for a tasty treat. It may be too sweet bakery for me to wear during the hot summer though. Florida heat and humidity can slay the stoutest creature.

Marshmallow Rose- Notes: Homemade marshmallow and rosewater.
Delicious. The clarity of the rosewater adds a sheer beauty to the sweet vanilla bean marshmallows. This jar is going on my nightstand right now.

Free sample of Driftwood- Notes: Sun bleached driftwood, dry black musk, warm sand, dune grasses, and damp oceanic breeze.
Gorgeous. Salt encrusted driftwood, sweetgrass and musk so deep it smells of ancient frankincense and other resins. Not really overly ozonic or aquatic, which is nice. I could sport this for sure.

Did you buy anything from the Haus' Summer Release? Whatchoo think of the Refreshers?? Sounds like something you might enjoy? You know how I like my tingles. Cool, sweet, minty tingles. Ahhhhhh.


  1. All of these products and scents sound like something I would love! I really need to place another HoG order, but ordering too many things lately as it is...
    Enjoy your goodies; I hope you're having a wonderful summer!

    1. They are wonderful Amanda! I brought Chillax with me today to spray on after hiking. I know I will need the cool down and refreshment. I hope your summer is going well too!

  2. That is interesting that you picked out a chocolate note, my Steve Smith peppermint tea from the Northwest mentioned it also. Oregon is the largest producer in the U.S. (35%), they seem to grow the good stuff.

    Marshmallow Rose was my freebie. I like the rose note they use in their scents, it smells very fresh and natural rather than perfumey.

    1. How cool! That sounds like a delicious tea. It is not a huge chocolate note, just a suggestion but it smells wonderful. And not tootsie roll at all, more like wood bark and dark chocolate.

      I am already almost out of Marshmallow Rose. Loving it. You are right, a fresh rose for sure.... No chemical laden ghosts of roses here. I am on such a rose kick right now. Such a beautiful note.

    2. I agree, it is like winespeak when one detects berry notes. I guess mint can have the same variety as grapes. I will have to decide if I need more now too.

    3. I meant to buy another bottle but I splurged on four GC scents so I better behave. I did use Chillax a ton while hiking Saturday. Loved it on hot skin.