Saturday, June 18, 2016

Solstice Scents: Lavender Vanilla Burnishing Glace'

Angela at Solstice Scents has been rocking it in the niche perfume world. Her creation of EDP's in some of their most popular fragrances has transformed the indie vendor into a full fledged perfume house that deservedly has garnered much acclaim in the perfume community. With perfumery as the new focus, the bath and body lines have been postponed understandably and perhaps indefinitely. It has been a while since any bath salts or lotions have been offered. When the new summer release was announced and I saw my beloved Lavender Vanilla pop up in the Burnished Glace' Bath and Body Oil I quickly went to the site and grabbed one. I also picked up two EDP 3 ml sample sprays. 

Lavender Vanilla varies from perfumer to perfumer. Some are more gourmand, some more herbal. Solstice Scent's definitely claims one of my top three versions. Wonderfully balanced herbal fresh lavender with transparent vanilla syrup that imparts a calm relaxation and the oil leaves the skin quenched and satiny. It can be used in the bath as well (it may leave the tub slippery) but I really just want to fall asleep with it surrounding my body like a slumber inducing aura. I did wear it out to the mall last night and got a compliment on my scent. The Burnishing Glace' is $16.00, Lavender Vanilla is out but Cameo is still being offered and sounds like a beautiful gourmand rose.

Smokey Mountain Mallow- Notes: Fossilized amber resin, wood smoke, lapsang souchong CO2, guaiacwood, labdanum, nutmeg EO marshmallow. 
Sweet and smokey. Lapsang souchong tea is one of my favorite black teas and this scent captures it perfectly with an added dollop of sweetened whipped cream and a couple of toasted marshmallows floating on top. Aged pines form glowing embers in the belly of a stone fire-pit, located behind a cabin in the North Carolina Smokey Mountains. The heat and light from the fire chases away the chilly mist, but the cup of steaming hot lapsang souchong warms the soul from the inside out. Sweet with vanilla infused sugar crystals and added cream, this scent will be utterly perfect for the coming fall and winter weather. A 5 ml bottle of perfume oil is $16.00, 3 ml EDP spray is $8.75 (what I purchased), the 60 ml EDP version is not offered at the moment. 

Snowshoe Pass- Notes: White amber, white musk, vanilla accord, peppermint cream, cold winds.
Oh, love. This beauty starts out like a brisk sweeping wind, chilly and rejuvenating and slightly sweet with vanilla. As it reaches the heart, those sly vanilla tones really deepen and reveal their wooden bones. Velveteen amber and musk, like the down of a white rabbit, finish out the base notes. I would wear this in any season. For the spring and summer Florida heat it would offer a sweet cooling effect, in the winter it would bring to mind candy canes and sweet holiday treats. A lovely fragrance. A full sized 60 ml EDP bottle is $55.00, the 3 ml EDP spray is $8.75.

Thornwood Thicket- Notes: Blackberries, amber, oud, guaiacwood, oakmoss.
I chose this as my free sample scent. It only comes in the perfume oil formula, 5 ml for $16, and has recently been reformulated. It is really quite lovely. Dark sweet blackberries, ripe and swollen with nectar braced by smokey deep oud and guaiacwood, while the amber and oakmoss lend serrated leaves and tiny thorns of green to the scent. Rustic noir. I imagine a sloe eyed wild woman with brambles in her hair trailing a bouquet of scent like Thornwood Thicket. I will definitely be looking to add this to my scent wardrobe, it would wear beautifully in late summer and fall. 

Solstice Scents does rustic, natural, moody and dark fragrances like no other. Do you enjoy scents like that? Have you tried Solstice Scents? Which ones should I sample next?


  1. I love Snowshoe Pass! Manor, Spellbound Woods, Nightgown and kitchen are great. Manor would be my all time favorite by far! Hope you are having a great summer, Ellisa

    1. Hello sweet Ellisa! I agree, Manor takes top billing. I really don't know why I have not sprung for a full bottle yet. Serious oversight.

      I will make sure to sample Spellbound Woods, Kitchen and Nightgown with my next order if they are offered. Thank you love! I am having a nice summer for sure. Busy painting but I don't mind. How have you been?