Monday, June 13, 2016

The Bathing Garden: Pixie Dust Bundle

I am late posting today, sorry! The first week of summer break and look at me... slacking on the job. But all for good reasons I swear. I ran to go pick up a used Macbook Air that my mom and I had ordered, then I began painting our guest bathroom. This summer I am re-painting the girls' bedrooms, the guest bathroom and the master bedroom. I am happy to say I am almost done with the bathroom. My arms were aching from doing the ceiling so I am taking a break... to show you my Bathing Garden April scent of the month bundle. I know it is no longer offered, but Shannon often brings back her scents in a rotation, and I know this one will be offered again in the future at some point. 

I love the scent of the month bundles. For $17.50 it included a full scrub, lotion and wax clamshell. Pixie Dust is a scent I have never tried but had read good reviews regarding so I decided to branch out and try it.

Pixie Dust- I was a bad girl and did not save the scent description for this but suffice it to say it is aquatic, green and fresh. Each iteration of the scent is slightly different based on the product. In the tart, Pixie Dust smells like aloe and lemon and a bit of floral musk. Quite lovely! In the scrub I detect a smidgen of tart lime and more earthy greenery. With the lotion, it leans more cucumber slices in ice water. Overall, it is a fresh watery green fragrance that I think will be very nice this summer in my home and on my skin.

The glitter shot.

I also snuck in one more Victorian Midway tart before they left. This was $2.00 and has been chatted about in a previous order.

Free Samples:

2 ounce Pirate Punch scrub- gah, so yummy!

Prosecco Berries- A musk laced fruity floral melange of strawberries, citrus, vanilla and quiet flowers and greenery.

Summer Melon and Mint- Cool crisp melons, sugar and crushed herbal mint leaves. 

Loving this tiny order. I did finally grab some of her ocean themed tarts. I do see a few in her new collections that will probably get ordered next month. I missed out on the Pink Sugared Pie crust scent of the month for May, but it ends up she added that to a new collection any way. Have you tried Pixie Dust? What do you think of green aquatic scents?


  1. Oooh, there's that Victorian Midway again, taunting us as we creep closer to fall scent season. *excited!*

    I'm using the freebie Pink Sand scrub I got in my recent order, and quite like it. I thought the scent would be too 'pretty' and the texture too dry and grainy but it's all working out okay!


    1. It is such a yummy scent!! I think it may be my Halloween or Thanksgiving scent. I just love it.

      Too funny Deb. I used my Pink Sands sample scrub last night. I enjoyed the smell and texture too.

  2. That scent sounds perfect for summer! And the scrub texture looks amazing. It has been years since I've used a TBG scrub. Maybe I need to treat myself to one.

    1. Hi Gina! Sorry so late in replying. Yes, it has been a refreshing and light scent for summer. I just used the scrub and lotion last night. The texture on Shannon's scrubs are pretty great, at least for me. Like you, I used to use them years ago but kind of fell off it. Now I am hooked again :-)