Monday, June 20, 2016

Society6: Laptop Skin

I bought a used 2011 MacBook Air recently and one of the first things I wanted to do was get a skin for it. Yes, yes... priorities. Society6 was a no-brainer. I really enjoy their unique offerings and featured artists. Normally I am fandom driven but this time the magical forest scenes and cats kept vying for my attention. I ended up choosing "The Fog" by littleclyde. At the time everything in the store was 15% off and free shipping so the $30 skin was marked down to $25.50. The sticker is nice quality and is removable/reposition-able. I just adore the giant fog kitty traipsing about the little medieval village. It almost reminds me of Hogsmeade... so maybe I didn't stray too far from my fandoms. If you sign up for the Society6 newsletter they will send you updates of sales and free shipping and various codes. They carry artwork on mugs, phone cases (good quality!), pillows, shirts, techie gear and much more.

Here are a few others I am dreamy headed over (all photos from Society6):

Have you ever shopped on Society6? Do you know any of the artists? What are some of your favorites?


  1. I've never ordered from Society6 and only know of them through you. I love that blue speckly forest one! I'll have to browse their site, even if I don't need anything. =)


    1. The forest one REALLY drew me in. I may end up getting it in something one day. It is a fun place to just browse. Especially if you search keywords. They have a ton of artwork.