Friday, June 3, 2016

Warmed Wax: The Bathing Garden Calypso and Serendipity Cream Pie

The Bathing Garden Calypso was a hit. It threw strong in my kitchen and I loved the grassy, woody fresh scent of vetiver, beachwood and musk. Definitely my kind of scent. It feels fresh and clean like a sea breeze without ozone, aquatic or detergent tones. Woods by the shore. This gorgeous white tart shimmered with opalescent green and aqua and teal mica. If I could buy a bag of these I would. I bought a clamshell in this scent and will probably go back and buy another before the Take Me To The Sea collection goes away. Repurchase and already did.

The Bathing Garden Serendipity Cream Pie performed great in my bedroom. A nice medium-strong scent but it meandered out of my bedroom and into the livingroom and scents don't typically do that for me. The serendipity houses creamy cherries and large helpings of coconut whipped cream. I love this scent. It will be leaving soon as the In Bloom and Marie Antoinette collections will be taken down on the 5th and new ones will pop up on the 6th. I might grab one more of these and a Sleepy too. Repurchase every time it appears.

I passed on the Pink Sugar Pie Crust scent of the month for May but the Prossecco Berries one sounds lovely. And I see she is offering bath salts in the monthly scent too. This basket is melted and a new one will be built soon. What are you melting that you love and would buy again for sure?


  1. Hi Julie, I've been in a melting funk. So over fruity scents even though Can Do Candles has a honeydew blueberry that I love. Clean cotton has been melting off and on all week.

    1. This is the time of year for melting funks for me. Like you I can only do so much fruity. Clean cotton sounds lovely! I think that is why I enjoyed Calypso so much. It was fresh and clean.

  2. Both of these are on their way to me! I'm glad to hear they performed so well for you.

    Lately I've been loving everything I've been melting from my first Country Lane Keepsakes order and I just placed a second of a 6 pc rose shapes sampler in fruity scents. Her rose shapes are the most beautiful I've ever seen and I wait for them to arrive; should be here Monday!