Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie: February 2016 Ivory Cats Collection

These fragrance samples were provided free by Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie for review.

Hey. Guys. I have some seriously amazing perfume oils to show you right meow. 

Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie will be featured here on the blog through the span of three posts within the next few weeks. I am positively giddy over the offerings from this artisan house. Especially today's Ivory Cats collection. Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie boasts over 25 years of artisanal perfume creating utilizing the magnetic effect of pheromones to boost the draw to others. Not all the pheromones in selected blends are seduction driven, some highlight popularity, clarity and general happiness. Their catalogue features dozens upon dozens of well thought out and unique aromas. 

Ivory Cats is a collaboration with artist Lesley Anne Ivory for the February 2016 collection that is still currently available. Curl up with your favorite feline (or two) and let me introduce this purrrr-fectly curated line of perfume oils. You had to know the cat puns were coming. I am an excited geek. It is what I do. 

Musk du Mog- Notes: Animalic musks, amber attars, sandalwood, Egyptian rose geranium.
Powdery incense wisps curl around stalks of sunflowers gleaming with amber resin dew drops dry down into freshly washed bodies adorned with amber and patchouli dusting powder. The scent settles and sharpens into those animalic musks, smelling of sweet furry bodies and a tang of sweat. Enduring and not alarming. Wonderful for musk lovers like myself.

Valentine- Notes: Apricot, amber, vanilla, orange blossom, white musk. 
Velveteen orange blossom petals stroking your nose, sweet and innocent from the open window in the attic where you fondly cradle a stack of ribbon tied Valentine's from generations past. These crackling delicate letters, imbued with an amber and musk trail of perfume, feather the orange blossom and budding apricot and peach into delicate smudges. In the end the musk is left with a scattering of dried yellowed orange blossom petals rattling around in the box of Valentines. Once more, sweet love forgotten.

Silken Glow- Notes: Orris, Egyptian musk, cedarwood, vetiver, Indian sandalwood.
The distinct fruity suede effluvia that characterizes orris, to my nose, emerges while the perfume oil is wet on the skin. Orris folds back into the flesh and allows cedar shavings and smokey vetiver to turn up. Creamy vanilla sandalwood composes the afterglow that will carry throughout the remainder of the day.  

Cherry Divinity- Notes: Cherry, marshmallow, vanilla, white chocolate, amber.
Serendipity bliss. My favorite cherry vanilla ice cream. I want to bite myself I smell so good. Fat maraschino cherries float in red prisms of syrup, generous dollops of marshmallow creme float to the top after a few minutes. White chocolate, heavy with cocoa butter and amber, lends depth and richness to this decadent dessert. Hazy golden coconut  and vanilla amber round out the experience during the grand finale of the dry down. I need this in my collection.

Goddess of the Blue Moon- Notes: Nubian green musk, bamboo leaf, blue lotus, amber, oakmoss, white willow, Le Femme Noire pheromone.
An aquatic dream, Cleopatra floating serenely down the reed strewn Nile, transparent ivory gauze swirling like a nimbus around her body. Bamboo musk rolls off the reeds, adding greenery to balance the watery blue lotus. Cottony willow buds thread through the breeze skimming along the top of the river's water. The base blooms with narcotic blue lotus, strengthened with oakmoss. 

Kara Kedi- Tobacco flower, tobacco leaf, oud, black orchid blossom, Perfect Match pheromone.
Tobacco macerated with fruits and brandy, sweet and boozy. The orchids inject a touch of lightness to the indulgence in the heart notes. Eventually the evening wraps up with a sip of sweet amber laced vanilla liqueur. 

Closer- Notes: Indian black amber, musk, vanilla, leather, honey, pear, ginger, Essence of Women copulins.
Pear and leather create a unique accord that is sweet and daring, artisan lollipops and handcrafted whips, leather and lace. A dusty dryness of flaked amber resins and aged leather comprises the base.

Creamed Honey- Notes; Buttercream, coconut cream, Indian amber, orange blossom honey.
Me-ow! A gourmand delight. Honey, deep and burnished, infused with coconut. Its orange blossom origin keeps is shimmering instead of ebony like molasses. Amber soaks up the sugar and lends a dusky warmth. I want to drizzle this Creamed Honey all over and bask in the sun like a naughty cat. So very delicious.

Dianthus- Notes: Carnation, roasted black tea leaves, cardamom, powdered sugar, vanilla, sandalwood.
Soft carnations, not peppery or spiced, and tea leaves merge sublimely, tea and sympathy, slightly smoked and sprinkled with cardamom. One cube of sugar included. Sandalwood appears under the guise of vanilla woods and pairs with the now dried carnations and dregs in the bottom of the cup, lingering in a melancholy manner. Quite lovely.

Passionbee- Notes: Passionfruit, black currant, apricot, grapefruit, freesia, Arabian spice, bee pollen, mahogany, vetiver, Heart & Soul pheromone.
Sweet and tart, winey and bright, freesia flower buds ground the exuberant fruits. Currants and grapefruit, perfectly tangy, compliment the apricot's honeyed and plump curves. Crystalized honey and powdery bee pollen sweeten and smooth the mahogany and vetiver. 

Tantalize- Notes: Rare orchids, vanilla, marshmallow, white musk, myrrh, woodsmoke, smoked sugar cane, Lace pheromone. 
Whipped cream drenched sugared petals and wisps of ancient myrrh and musks are indeed a tantalizing introduction to this scent. The woodsmoke and smoked sugar cane are subtle and barely perceptible, more like the specters of smoke rather than a full on cloud. The sugar cane has bamboo clarity and not the traditional molasses thickness I am used to but it works here to keep Tantalize lighter and more carefree. A lovely scent.

Veridian Muse- Notes: Green musk, African frankincense, dark chocolate, exotic black orchid, Open Windows pheromone.
Herb gardens and grassy meadows hug a cottage in an English countryside near the sea, nestled on a craggy cliffside. Fresh air, broken grasses, salty tang all swell in through the open windows like a gentle wave, cleansing the home. The freshness is balanced by the dry down which releases dark woody chocolate musk and furry green cocoa nibs. 

So many favorites in this collection: Creamed Honey, Tantalize, Cherry Divinity, Kara Kedi and Dianthus to name a few. Though to be honest I enjoyed them all.

Samples can be purchased for $5 each, one ounce sprays are $39.95 and 1/3 ounce of concentrated perfume oils are $24.95. Full bottle sets can be purchased at a discount as well as the postcards. Extra pheromones and copulins can be custom added to any scent for additional money. Do any of these fragrances stroke your coat? My cat fancy is quite tickled. Even Toddles approves and she is pretty much ambivalent to everything but food and petting. 


  1. Yay! I am so happy that you liked these! Cherry D is my favorite of this bunch...I had to go full bottle on it. Georgeous pictures and another great it!

    1. They were a terribly fun experience! Cherry Divinty is seriously delish. I could lap it up. I have a few in full bottles I am wanting. Thanks! I tried to wrangle Toddles into being my lovely assistant and model. She would only cooperate if I was scratching her head. Cats.

  2. Love your cat! Never would have thought cats & perfume would be paired together, but the stuff looks really cute!

    1. It not only looks cute but they smell wonderful! I will have to share some with you :-)