Sunday, July 31, 2016

Ebb & Flow: July

Sea salt bar soap from Handmade in Florida

Body Oil:
Solstice Scents Lavender Vanilla Glace'

Bath Bomb:
Lush's Titsy Totsy bath bomb

Dame Perfumery Gardenia, Lime and Benzoin

Lancome Bi-Facil eye makeup remover

Dior Addict Lip Maximizer High Volume Lip Plumper, not really for the plumping but I love the tingle and high gloss finish.

Sniff My Tarts Pink Peppermint Swizzle Sticks

The most amazing homemade marshmallows that were sent to me by Gretchen: vanilla, apple cinnamon, and chamomile. I die.

Ice Water, nothing quite like it quenches.

The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova

Mr. Selfridge, only one season left to watch.

Mini skull earrings handmade from Marta Oms in Spain. A deal for only 15 Euros. I will feature them later.

Starting my new job and getting in the swing of things. I am ready to start fresh and start saving for some trips for 2017. 

The ultra hot sauna days of August and September fast approaching. 

Essie Good To Go Topcoat

Sassy Girl Aroma Body Cream

The leg injury was painful and set me back on vacation a little but it is finally healing well though it will leave quite the scar.

Getting the girls' rooms redecorated has been a high point. The painting and hard work were challenging at times but the end result has been enjoyable. 

I am going to try and pick up The Cursed Child today. I was lax and did not pre-order it like a proper Harry Potter fan. Are you planning on reading it? How was your July? Any hits or misses, highs or lows? What are you reading, watching, eating, drinking? Please share!

Oh, and happy birthday Harry! Yer a wizard!


  1. I got my new Harry Potter bright and early this morning. I read the first page when I got home and very reluctantly put the book down so I can get some housework done first. *grrr*

    For reading, I whipped through those two King Ludwig II books and had started a Philippa Gregory book (Lady of the Rivers), but that will get set aside now for Harry Potter. For watching, we are going to start at the beginning of Big Bang Theory and work our way all the way through. Ty is lending us his dvds of seasons 1-7, but he doesn't have 8 yet, and I don't think 9 is out yet.

    My July has been mostly a blah month. My mom's surgery and recovery went fine but staying over there didn't really rejuvenate me like I'd hoped. It's just sort of a very blah tunnel that I can't seem to find my way out of.

    Here's hoping August turns things around!


    1. I want to start looking into Ludwig books for sure. I have read and enjoyed many Philippa Gregory books. Let me know how Lady of the Rivers is, I have not read that one.

      Big Bang Theory always looks hilarious, but I have only watched one or two episodes.

      Sorry July was blah. I am hoping fall brings you out of it too. It was a strange month for us too. Normally it is our vacation month and the last full month off school so I tend to love it, but this year vacation was different and I was injured and Adam has been battling these horrible itching rashes for over 2 weeks so it was not the easiest month for us either. But today is August 1st, so new start and all that. This is my last full week of summer break. Head back to work next Tuesday.