Thursday, July 14, 2016

Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie: Love Potions

These fragrance samples were given free by Love Potion Perfumes for an honest review.

The scents featured today from Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie are not currently part of a specific collection but are random fragrances from past collections that are still offered on the website. 

Sensual Harmony- Notes: Ylang ylang, vanilla, sandalwood.
A creamy soft haze of warm soap tinted flesh and twisted sheets cool against legs and shafts of sunlight striping the skin in bands of heat. This is the airy comforting scent of a lazy Saturday spent in bed with the one you love. Clean, narcotic and relaxing.

Sugared Apples- Notes: Red and green apples blended with three sugars.
Sweet and fresh, this scent smells just like juicy sliced apples. Crisp, jewel toned and sprinkled with a touch of sugar. Not as syrupy sweet as a candied apple, but more realistic and vibrant.

Original Love Potion- Notes: Vanilla, amber, rose, verbena, greenery, apricot, patchouli, and more.
A creamy sweet dessert garnished with miniature sugared apricots and crystalized rose petals. Honey, vanilla and buttery amber musk make this a delicious skin scent. 

Totem: Deer- Notes: Cherry blossom, daisy, freesia, daffodil, clover, teak, birch, earth and musk ambrette.
I love how the lush green meadows that unfold on the skin bring to mind a deer nibbling tender clover buds and verdant shoots of grass. White papery birch trunks part to reveal the hidden meadow where the deer dwells during the quiet dawn and dusk hours. Serene, natural and cleansing.

PE- Mark's Pepperwood- Notes: Vetiver, sandalwood, black pepper.
Grassy, smoky vetiver pairs with quietly sweet creamy sandalwood and floral black pepper in a lovely trio of notes. There is almost a mahogany richness to this aroma. A sexy scent.

Dragonfly- Notes: Blue lotus, bamboo, leafy greens, green tea, and Indian white amber.
Lily pads resting on a peaceful pond. Cattails velvety brown heads bending in the cool spring breeze. Lilac pickeralweed buds raising from the surface of the water, sending out amber spores of pollen across the water. An aquatic scent with green hues and amber tones. A dragonfly's quaint habitat indeed. 

Pepperwood and Sugared Apples are the top two for my skin and nose out of this selection, though I do quite enjoy them all. Have you sampled any new perfume oils lately? If you are a Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie fan, don't forget about their huge once a year sale. Join their Facebook group for more details. 

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