Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Warmed Wax: Lasting Scent Candles and The Bathing Garden

These scent review requests were given to me via Instagram. 

Lasting Scent Candles: Lemon Wedding Cake threw strong in my kitchen and living room area. I cut this 2 ounce scent shot in half and placed each half in a warmer (obviously one warmer in my kitchen and the other in my living room). I don't normally cut scent shots in half but these 2 ounce ones from LSC pack a punch. Lemon Wedding Cake was fabulous, extra vanilla cream some white cake and a dab of tart lemon curd. Repurchase.

Lasting Scent Candles: Lemon Love threw medium in my living area. It was a delicious blend of caramel and cookies with a teeny dollop of lemon curd. The lemon served to keep the bakery tone light but drool-worthy. Repurchase.

Lasting Scent Candles: Stardust threw medium-light in my living area. This lavender and rose blend was slightly powdery and on the lighter side. I really did not fall for it once warmed like I did on cold throw. Not a repurchase.

Lasting Scent Candles: Southern Belle was warmed in my bedroom. The throw was strong (this was a 1.5 ounce scent shot from about two years ago). It was a wickedly sweet blend of pink sugar and vanilla cream packed wedding cake. To. Die. For. Repurchase.

Lasting Scent Candles: Sweet Dreams was melted in my bedroom. It throws medium-strong to strong for me. A soothing blend of pink sugar, marshmallow and I believe lavender. Sweet and soothing and less rich than Southern Belle. Repurchase.

Lasting Scent Candles: Coco Pink threw medium-strong in my bedroom. A vanilla coconut leaning pink sugar blend. The coconut is creamy like a whipped pie with coconut custard on the bottom. Deeeee-lish! Repurchase.

The Bathing Garden: Brown Sugar Cream Rose Bouquet threw strong using two cubes in my bedroom. It is more rich and creamy than Lush's Rose Jam, but along those lines of scent structure. Less citrusy and berry sweet. I love it! Repurchase.

Alrighty! I normally follow up a Warmed Wax post with a Melting Basket post not far after, but not this time. I am leaving for Cleveland, Ohio for our annual summer vacation and I will not be melting for a week (though I did leave behind some wax and bath bombs for my sister to use while she house and pet sits for us- so the house will be smelling yummy still). I will fill up Melting Basket 70 (!!!!) upon my return. I will be taking lots of photos and will blog about it as well. I am especially excited about my jaunt to Indigo Perfumery. I am stoked to smell fragrances from Shay & Blue, Ann Gerard, Papillion and more from the Kerosene house. I have a feeling my vacation souvenir will be a bottle of perfume. 

What do you like to check out when you visit a new city? Do you have souvenir traditions? My step dad used to get these metal sticker things for a walk stick he carried, I think my mom used to get magnets for the fridge. Ornaments, shot glasses, coffee mugs are all popular. I guess mine will just be food experiences and perfume, sight seeing and photographs.


  1. We're not big travelers but it's shot glasses and postcards that we tend to collect. My mom did the fridge magnet thing years ago and still has about a billion of them.

    Those lemon scents caught my eye, of course. hehe

    Have a great trip!


    1. I used to do shot glasses too. But that was when I was in college. Now that Savanna has a pen pal in North Carolina I hope she picks up some post cards to mail her friend. I like the magnet idea, just because the fridge is something you look at everyday and it would be a good reminder of what memories you made when you look at it.

      The lemon ones were SO GOOD! I am kinda sad I melted them all now LOL!

  2. Ooh I think I need some LSC southern belle! I hope she makes it again!
    Your vacation sounds nice! I hope you have an awesome time!
    I look for shirts for my son on trips usually. Also gifts for friends and family-usually ones they can eat!

    1. Me too Gina! I would brittle bag splurge on that scent. I did scoop up three bags of RTS brittle a couple weeks ago.

      Thanks! I am excited. We leave tomorrow morning. I am doing the last minute bag checks and such. Normally I for get my underwear or pajamas or something highly annoying like that. Toothbrush. You know. Something vital.

      That is cool! Edible gifts are seriously the best. I think Adam might try to bring home a Romanburger from Mr. Hero's. Crazy guy. He is ridiculously excited to eat a few of those.