Monday, July 4, 2016

Country Lane Keepsakes Wax Melts

"I shall have this tooth out- it hurts so."
"Oh- please don't- or I shall have to wear it- as I do all you left-off things."
A vintage comic from an 1889 Harper's Bazaar book I own. I find it quite funny to read through. I particularly enjoy the illustrations. This time period fascinates me, especially now that I am watching Ripper Street, which takes place during 1889 and 1890. Now moving on to tarts... 

Deb enabled me into placing quite a few orders as of late, and she mentioned Country Lane Keepsakes and I knew I needed to place a nice order for myself. Carol at Country Lane Keepsakes runs a tight ship. She has plenty of scents in stock, usually in two sized bags, 6 oz for $5.95 or 4 oz $3.95, as well as samplers. Her TAT is under a week and she refunds shipping overages. I did notice that she is now using twist ties to seal her bags.

Deep Dish Apple Pie makes my eyes roll back into my head. Fried apple slices, extra shakes of cinnamon and a touch of nutmeg and clove. I don't get much pie crust at the moment but that is fine by me. I only want the spice and apples and I got it. Mmmmm Mm Mmmmmmm.

Twisted Candy Cane Stick features candy canes on parade. I melted this on my nightstand and it threw extra strong and minty. Sugar crystals and a teeny drop of vanilla round out the mint. This is a holy grail peppermint scent for sure. Everyone write this one down. And Mason jars?! And dragonflies?! Yep. Sold. 

Holiday Party combines spruce, mistletoe and gingerbread cookies. This is a unique Christmas blend that at first sniff I love with the evergreen and spice notes, but then the depth of the gingerbread cookies emerges like chocolate and the pine morphs to mint a bit. And of course the colors remind me of Andes mints. It really is all about the evergreen and gingerbread in the end though. I am going to end with saying that I like it. And I look forward to melting it during the holidays. 

Cinnamon Sugared Apples features sweet Macintosh apples with extra sugar and just a teeny tiny bit of cinnamon. If you are not a spice fan you could still get away with melting this one. 

Grandpa's Hard Apple Cider blends oak, cider, cinnamon, cloves and citrus. The citrus reminds me of fresh orange juice and paired with the oak it makes for an interesting bed fellow. The cider flows underneath it all and makes for a cozy treat. 

Picking Pumpkins brews a cauldron of spice, dried orange peel, clove, nutmeg, allspice, vanilla, woods and cinnamon bark. Pure love. The pumpkin has a gourd note and the woods and allspice lend strength to the spicy potpourri. A++

Free samples:

Watermelon in the pastry shape, very melony  and mellow. Not Jolly Rancher candy at all.

Raisin Walnut Bread in the cherub, reminds me of bread pudding. 

Annie's Apple Pie rose shape, more Macintosh apples, little to no spice and a bread dough note and watery note. A beautiful, beautiful rose but not my favorite of the apple and spices. I much prefer Deep Dish Apple Pie. 

Rosemary scents the green star, authentic and freshly picked off the stem. Herbal, green and planted by the garden gate. 

Cranberry Citrus fills the red star, tart, sweet and very much like the homemade cranberry sauce I like to make at Thanksgiving with orange zest, sugar and pomegranate juice. 

Coconut Cream forms the beautiful red, white and blue star that celebrates the 4th of July. Sweet, milky and straddling that line between sunscreen, pie and coconut milk. 

And on that last tart, I would like to wish you all a very happy 4th of July! I hope it is filled with good family, friends, food and fun. Do you have any Country Lane Keepsakes favorites? Have you tried Carol's tarts yet? What are you doing today? We will be at the beach and then lighting some fireworks. 


  1. Yay! I'm glad to be the enabler for once! lol

    Does the Cranberry Citrus have any spice and warmth? Or is it all sweetness? I still need to place an order for my own fall and winter scents.

    As for the 4th, I'm going to my mom's this morning and then later in the day we'll cookout and light some fireworks.


    1. You enabled me big time this month lol!

      I don't get any spice really from the Cranberry Citrus, but there is a tartness. Not all sweet and not all candy. And no perfume notes. It is pretty nice. I do wish CLK did have just a few more fall and winter type scents. Really spiced and spruce and minty and such.

      I hope you had a nice 4th. Did you enjoy the fireworks? We did for about 20 minutes then a flock of mosquitoes pelted down from the sky to ravage our bodies and suck us dry. I did get to light my annual Morning Glory though.

    2. I didn't really watch much of the fireworks because, like you, the mosquitoes were fierce. There were some other things going on too though, and I was a crabby party-pooper most of the day. Hopefully I'll get a blog post up soon. Ugh!


  2. These tarts look fab, I think I'll check them out soon; that Harper's Bazaar book still my heart!

    1. Thank you Jaybird! Carol is super generous with her free samples too, which is wonderful. I highly recommend you try a couple scents from Country Lane Keepsakes.

      Right?! My friend had this book in her classroom and I would take it down and peruse through it from time to time. I believe this is the oldest book I have ever held and looked at. She must have noticed because when the end of the school year came, she offered it to me to keep. I couldn't believe it! I just love looking through it.